Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The world is black, the world is white
It turns by day and then by night.

-- Three Dog Night "Black and White"

    I've been planning to write this since two weeks ago, when some bloggers featured black outfits in support of the Sunflower Movement (find out more here) where hundreds of thousands of civilians in black garb took to the streets to protest the Taiwan-China trade pact. Work and illness got in the way, but I guess better late than never, eh?

    會寫這篇其實是之前看到欣匠跟西喜的Instagram上放了『黑。台灣』一週黑色穿搭的串聯。無奈那陣子在醫院忙到大病了一場  T︿T   轉眼週四就要退出立法院了,不過這不是結束 ... 所以,黑色穿搭還是可以寫的吧? @.@←話題也轉太快 XD

    I always thought myself as a pastel person with limited black in the wardrobe. I guess these dark rascals have a way of hiding themselves, and with some rummaging I managed to accumulate enough to muster one week worth of black outfits. A close one, I'd say!

    我一直覺得自己是個執著於粉彩色系的人,大概衣櫃裡的黑色單品也寥寥無幾。不過我想這些黑傢伙大約只是很有藏身的辦法,某天下午挖一挖衣櫃就成功拼湊出一週的黑色穿搭。但也只是一週而已,再下去大概就黔驢技窮了(這成語是這樣用的嗎? XDD)

Top :  Earth, Music & Ecology
Pants :  Two Do
Bag :  Taobao

    I bought these black trousers a while ago, they're sort of my workwear staple. The best thing about them is that they're not too thick for warmer weather even though these are basically a fall/winter item.

    這條黑褲是去年在Two Do入手的,已經算是我上班服中不可或缺的一員。我覺得最讓人欣慰的是雖然它是秋冬商品,但是春夏天的氣候穿起來也不會太熱  :P

Top :  YFS Ladies
Shorts :  Romwe.com
Bootees :  Romwe.com
Bag :  Taobao

    I wrote about these leather shorts last year, and it is really a nice piece to have if you're going for the urban chic look. You can see more looks here.

    這條皮質短褲其實去年已經寫過心得文了。不得不說,如果想要走都會俐落風的話,皮質單品真的是很不錯的投資。這條短褲的更多穿搭請點這裡  ;)

Top :  Pazzo
Jacket :  Romwe.com
Skirt :  forMENgirl
Necklace :  Parco diViale

    I love flouncy skirts, and the satin finish of this one gives it a more sophisticated feel than if it were, say, tulle. A leather jacket completes the rock chic look.

    我很愛形狀較蓬的裙子,而這件跟日貨 Bin 買的短裙材質有點偏緞面,比起蓬蓬紗裙更有洗鍊感。加上皮衣就是個都市搖滾風啦! XD

Jacket :  Mot de Passe
Skirt :  Kooki

    Military chic have sort of cooled down lately, but I still love the very masculine edge of this jacket. It's almost like soldier-in-a-sec, you expect to receive salutes with it.  LOL

    雖然最近軍裝風貌似沒那麼夯了,但是這件軍裝外套的帥氣感我還是很愛的 >///<  整個就好像一秒變軍人,穿上後別人要對你敬禮啦 XDD

Cape :  from Dolube
Jeans :  Q-House
Bag :  ShopAkira

    Capes are just such a fashion statement, you can look chic in an instant. I have this gold-buttoned cape in two colours, just perfect for say, London streets  :)

    斗篷真的是超主角級單品啦,只要披上立馬變得很時尚 XD  這款金釦子短版斗篷其實我買了兩色,版型超適合走在,呃,倫敦大街上  :)

Top :  Jeanasis
Salopettes :  EMODA (here)

    Here I am impersonating Esther from "Orphan", haha! Well, nothing says school girl more than salopettes, and you can see more of it here.

    哈哈~這光線跟妝髮,我根本是在上演《孤兒怨》啦!!XDD 這件EMODA的連身裙根本是學生妹的代名詞,有興趣可以點這裡看之前的穿搭心得噢! :)

Blazer :  YFS Ladies
Dress :  from In-house Gallery
Shoes :  Grace Gift

    I bought this black dress with asymmetrical hem a while ago, and it is something that, with adequate adornments, can be worn on the streets or to a party.

    前陣子入手了這件黑色的雪紡前短後長洋裝。只要用對配件,它可以平日穿去逛街也可以拿來出席派對,算是不錯實搭的單品  >///<

* * *

Well, that's that then!
As per tradition, some photos of various knick-knacks used!


    Here're some of the accessories I use for this post. In keeping with the monochrome theme, I kept the palette simple with black and white and occasional gold or silver embellishments.


    This time I'm mainly using simple gold or silver jewellery to keep the outfits chic and simple. These grey Cor-date earrings appear in almost all of the outfits and add a glam factor to the black ensemble.

    這次我使用了比較簡單款式的飾品讓穿搭顯得比較俐落一些。不過這對華麗麗的 Cor-date 灰色耳環倒是很常出現,為黑色衣著增添一些貴氣。


    As usual, I'm ending the Style Guide post with a colour-coordinated medley of my Instagram posts. You can join me @ bonjourjasmineblog if you like!

    用同色調的 Instagram 照片來結束穿搭教學文好像已經變成傳統啦! XD  大家可以來我的 IG (bonjourjasmineblog) 找我聊天噢!:)



  1. Amazing! Love the last dress and your jewelry <33

  2. 這篇穿搭真是美翻了!


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