Monday, January 27, 2014

La Vie Sociale

We dance like no tomorrow, we're on burlesque time
But everybody's gotta work tomorrow at nine

-- Lady Gaga "Vanity"


    I'm not sure if any of you have seen the Chinese film version of Les Liaisons dangereuses, set in the glitzy 1930s' Shanghai. The opulence and glamour of the venue and costumes in the movie is my main inspiration for this outfit shoot, which took place in the comforting privacy of my parents' bathroom LOL. I'm wearing lovely grey earrings by Cor-date, which antique gold tones perfectly complement the intended old world glamour of the outfit.

    不知道你們有沒有看過改編自法國小說 Les Liaisons dangereuses 的中文電影《危險關係》?場景設在 30 年代繁華的舊上海,劇中金碧輝煌的建築與一襲襲精美的華服,是我這次穿搭的靈感來源。穿成這樣不敢出門,只好躲在爸媽的浴室裡拍個過癮 XDD  這次配戴的是 Cor-date 的灰色果實耳環,那古董般的古金仿舊色澤和精緻的鑲鑽雕花,正好符合我印象中的舊上海,那逝去的華麗年代。

Dress :
Shoes :  2Maa
Clutch :  Glomesh (borrowed from Mum)
Earrings :  Cor-date


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cor-date Un-Deux-Trois

    Well, there it is ... the first outfit post for my Cor-date haul. This pair of emerald-hued earrings is simple in design, but the colour itself is so very breathtaking no further adornments are needed. I took an afternoon shooting outfit photos with these sparklers, and I just couldn't get over the gorgeous green that popped when I reviewed the pictures through the lens of my 500D.

    終於生出來了 ... 我的第一篇 Cor-date 穿搭文 (^皿^)  這對綠寶石耳環雖然樣式相對簡單,但是那深邃的綠意真的是太美了,就算沒有更多的雕花綴飾也一樣迷人 >///<!用了某一天不用上班的下午拍穿搭,結果忍不住為 500D 鏡頭中那抹翠綠深深著迷。

Skirt :  Sue Sue Choe
Shoes :  Emilio Valentino
Bag :  Jeanasis
Earrings :  Cor-date

    Just bought this grey collared sweater recently. The deep green of these earrings really go well with anything that is old-looking and grandmotherly, I guess. Oh, and deep ruby lips are a must-have too if you're going full retro!

    搭上最近入手的花領灰色針織衫。這對耳環的墨綠色澤真的很適合搭一些看起來老舊,像是屬於祖母年代的復古單品 XDD  然後復古的暗紅唇膏也是必備噢!

Top :  Ashley
Skirt :
Shoes :  Emilio Valentino
Earrings :  Cor-date

    Naturally anything blue/green is a good match as well. Pleated skirt, berry lips, quilted chain bag ... yes, I think I would blend in easily even if I were in the good old days of my mother's youth.

    當然,這副耳環配上任何藍或綠的單品也會很好看。百摺裙、莓紅唇色、鍊條包 ... 我想假若我回到了媽媽的那個年代,應該也不會顯得突兀吧  :P

Top :  Lowrys Farm
Pants :  B.Love
Bag :  Coach
Earrings :  Cor-date

    Rarely do I wear long pants on my blog, despite it being the staple of my workwear. On a side note, I love how my nails do not look out of place for each of these three outfits.

    我真的很少在部落格中以長褲搭配耶,雖然那是我上班的基本裝備 XDD  題外話,我覺得這次用的指彩,在三種穿搭中都搭得上,真是可喜可賀  <( ̄︶ ̄)>  


    That's all ... well, not exactly, because I just put in another huge order for more bling! This is really getting terribly addictive. And there's no shoe shot this time, just some colourful feet to end the day!

    這次就醬啦 ... 呃,也不完全是,因為我又熊熊下了個大訂單 (>﹏<)  根本買 C0r-date 買上癮了啦!然後這次沒有最後的鞋子合照(也就兩雙而已  囧>),就用秋冬色系的腳丫子來做 ending 吧!

    Oh, and apologies for the poor resolution of some of the photos. I took the pictures myself with the control timer, and adjusting the focus of the lens on something as small as a pair of earrings is, to say the least, an unenviable chore.

    噢,然後真是抱歉 ... 有些照片看起來沒對好焦或解析度不太好 orz。因為是自己用定時拍攝的方式,對焦之類的都要自己來。要把鏡頭焦點預先對到像耳環那麼小的東西真的是一件苦差  T_T


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