Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Little Things

When you quest for fortune and fame,
Don't forget about the simple things.

-- India Arie "Little Things"


    A midweek medley of the little things in life. Lately, I've been thinking about getting a pixie cut, but the risk of a disastrous outcome is too great to comtemplate. In any case, I'm sure the melting hot weather has everything to do with my change of heart, and I'll most probably regret it when the winds of autumn beckon.

    週中的一點幸福時光  <3   最近又開始動起想剪短頭髮的念頭,而且想剪超短的 pixie cut。不過我覺得剪出來變成災難的風險實在太大了 XDD  反正我肯定突然想剪的念頭跟現在熱到快融化的天氣有莫大的關係,到了秋風瑟瑟的時節我一定又要後悔了 :P


Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Blossom Fell

A blossom fell from off a tree,
It settled softly on the lips you turned to me.

-- Nat King Cole "A Blossom Fell"


    The bourgainvillea in my garden has finally blossomed after years of sparse flowering. Despite the sweltering heat, I took my new shoes and bag out for a little colour-coordinated(and awfully sweating) photoshoot. I simply adore the vivid hues of fuchsia from the shoes and bag against a backdrop of cascading pink and white blossoms. And I finally tried using a lens hood today and I must admit it makes taking outdoor pics on a super sunny day like this much easier. Now I can't wait for the next outdoor shoot, hah!

    家裡的九重葛經過多年稀稀落落的花開後,今年夏天終於比較稱得上盛開了。於是,即便天氣熱得快融化,還是搬出了新鞋跟包包揮著汗立腳架拍穿搭  XDD  我喜歡包包跟鞋子鮮艷的桃紅色,與背後粉紫交錯的繁花相映成趣的畫面。然後今天陽光太強,終於認命的啟用了買很久卻沒用過的遮光罩,發現原來大晴天用遮光罩真的好拍多了(好吧~是我太懶一直不想裝這東西  >_<)。現在已經迫不及待要來下一次外(出自)拍啦! :P

Dress :  Cecil McBee
Shoes :  Vincci
Bag :  Koexy
Ring :  Cor-date


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Un Chapeau de Paille

What is all this hazy crazy bustling for?
No time to notice it's a sunny day.

-- Shirley Temple "An Old Straw Hat"


    Summer is a time for straw hats. I have a nice boater, but all along I've been on the lookout for a wide-brimmed one that is so reminiscent of Old Hollywood. I got myself a pale one last month, at an incredibly low price which I consider a bargain despite some lost studs upon delivery. The hat itself is not flimsy, and can be shaped into a rather flattering shape. Well, as for the outfit, I'm going for a colour scheme of yellow and orange with bits of green -- a palette that spells summer garden for me  ; )

    夏天完全是草帽的季節。我已經有個相當滿意的平頂草帽,但是其實一直以來都想找一個淺色的寬沿草帽,感覺很有舊好萊塢女優度假風的 fu。上個月終於入手了一頂米白寬沿帽,雖然途中掉了些鑽,但是我還是覺得以這個價格來說可以原諒  >///<  帽子本身不會軟趴趴的,有點挺度可以塑成蠻好看的形。至於穿搭,這次主要是橘黃色系加上一些綠色點綴 ... 是我印象中夏天花園的色彩  : )

Top :  Lowrys Farm
Hat :  here
Shoes :  Emilio Valentino
Clutch :  P.S. Besitos
Earrings :  Cor-date


Saturday, July 12, 2014


We could pretend, pretend for the weekend.
 Outside, the night's as young as us.

-- Neon Trees "Weekend"


    Are you having a nice summer weekend? The weather is so hot around here these days that I threw caution to the wind and gulped down a huge glassful of iced tea right after this photoshoot. I retrieved these lovely Cor-date earrings from the post office on the day of the photoshoot. The simplicity of its design matches well with literally everything, so I just put 'em on and click away on the camera! Passez de bonnes vacances d'été, mes amis!

    大家夏日週末過得如何呢?最近天氣真是熱到快融化了 orz  這次穿搭拍完我整個就不管三七二十一先灌下一大杯冰飲再說 XDD  話說拍照前我剛好才從郵局領回(又)一堆 Cor-date 戰利品,因為這副天使翅膀耳環簡單的設計根本搭任何穿搭都可以,所以立馬戴上拍照去啦!相當推薦這款當 Cor-date 入門款喔  ^皿^  今天就醬啦~暑期愉快啊大家! >///<

Skirt :  Snidel (via Fashionwalker)
Shoes :  Summit
Bag :  gift from Nîmes magazine
Stars necklace :  Mazzard
Earrings and long necklace :  Cor-date


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