Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Being Dotty

Suddenly I saw polka dots and moonbeams
All around a pug-nosed dream.

-- Frank Sinatra "Polka Dots and Moonbeams"


    Polka dots, feminine and fun at the same time. I am glad I snapped up this darling dress during the Pazzo half-price bonanza last year. The lovely back detail sealed the deal for me and frankly, this can be worn at any occasion, be it a formal dinner or a shopping trip with girlfriends. With all the sombre monochromatic backdrop of my piano room, I'm pairing it with red nails and my red Cambridge satchel for a splash of colour.

    點點風,奇妙的同時具有女人味及童趣的神奇印花。現在想來很慶幸去年的Pazzo換季五折中入手了這件黑白點點洋裝。背後可愛的露背綁帶是壓死我的最後一根稻草 XDD  而且這件真的任何場合都可以穿啊~去喝喜酒也好,跟朋友逛街也 ok。然後因為鋼琴室全是單調的黑白色調,所以搭上紅色指彩跟紅色劍橋包增加一點喜氣(?) : P

Dress :  Pazzo
Shoes :  Topshop

    And since I was shooting in the piano room, I tried filming a video for the first time ever with my DSLR. Sorry the piano wasn't tuned for years and the weather was gloomy, so the video was kinda dark and out of tune ;)  Oh, and apologies for the incomplete song, I was too mean to purchase a proper converting software, so the trial version cut my 4 minute video into this super short film  :(

    然後因為在鋼琴室拍照,想說順便用單眼嘗試錄影。不好意思,鋼琴n年沒調過音了,外面光線也不太好,所以整段影片陰暗又走音 XDD  還有我不是故意錄不完整的歌啦,只是因為太摳門不想買轉檔軟體,結果試用版把我原本4分鐘的影片砍成這樣 orz (然後因為曲是最近幫朋友編的,還沒好好修改,請不要介意 >_<)


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running,
Like a watercolor in the rain.

-- Al Stewart "Year of the Cat"


    At last count, here's my fourth midi skirt to date, and one of the prettiest I think. I have a weakness for painted garments, and this organza skirt from Romwe captures the panoramic view of a mystical forest in soft watercolours so beautifully. I'm pairing it with a simple top from Pazzo, but wait, it's not that simple when viewed from the back ; )  Well, these days I'm all for details of the back (or lack thereof) for as long as the warm weather lasts!

    算起來,這應該是我今年第四件及膝圓裙了吧,也是我覺得圖案數一數二美的  >///<  沒辦法啦,我對彩繪單品沒有免疫力的啊 T_T  而這件Romwe的歐根紗圓裙以水彩暈染的方式勾勒出了童話版的森林氛圍,於是我就淪陷了 XDD  上衣搭了之前5折入手的 Pazzo 雪紡背心,看似簡單但是背後暗藏玄機喔 ; )  最近完全熱衷於背後的細節(或者完全露背 XD),大概天氣還沒轉涼就還是會拼命想這樣穿吧! : P

Top :  Pazzo
Skirt :  Romwe.com
Shoes :  Emilio Valentino
Bag :  Vincci
Earrings :  Cor-date


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sea Dreams

Well come with me to a place by the sea,
If your ship breaks down, you can always find me.

-- The Dirty Heads "Cabin by the Sea"


    I've had a much needed hiatus this week, chillin' out at a seaside resort for a couple of days (if you've been following my IG @bonjourjasmineblog, you might have known from those epicurean shots). A rather secluded spot, it is exempt from the throngs of tourists that usually flood the beach during the summer. I felt like I was on some private property, enjoying the solitude of strolling along an unmanned seaside, listening to the song of the ebbing waves and taking in the salty sea spray without the pandemonium of holidaymakers. I guess a vacation sometimes need not be full of outgoing fun, it can also be a rare moment of reflection as you stop and smell the flowers.

    這週我終於找到一點時間來個小渡假,在一個偏僻的海邊渡假村過著吃喝睡的廢人生活(有在發摟我 IG @bonjourjasmineblog 的朋友大概從照片看出來了 XD)。因為地點偏僻,海邊少了熙熙攘攘的暑假旅客人群,顯得格外平靜。甚至有種身處私人海灘的錯覺,傾聽浪花拍岸,呼吸海風汐汐,享受著一個人漫步海灘的悠閒。我想,渡假不一定總需要熱鬧刺激,它也可以是旅途累了,停下腳步沉澱靜思的美麗時光  :)

Dress :  here
Sandals :  Vincci
Bracelet :  Cindy


Friday, September 5, 2014

Le Jour Bleu

It's been a blue, blue day,
I feel like runnin' away.

-- Don Gibson "Blue, Blue Day"


    I've long harboured the desire to don a jumpsuit, unfortunately my hobbit stature and unproportionately large backside are an inevitable hindrance. I finally fulfilled my wish this week, wearing this backless midnight blue number from Choies with my essential Cor-date basic diamond earrings. Three cheers for my first jumpsuit to date, and please don't tell me the thing looked a little too tapered. That's what you get when you underestimated your bottom size by a mile. Ciao!

    其實我一直很想嘗試穿連身長褲,只是因為是哈比人加上是個大臀粗腿人(淚),所以要穿連身長褲困難重重。這禮拜終於能如願以償啦 ~ 穿上這件深藍 Choies 露背連身長褲搭上我的 Cor-date 愛將基本款菱形耳環。請為我人生第一件連身長褲掌聲鼓勵一下,然後也請不要告訴我看起來似乎很貼 ... 這是低估自己大臀 size 的人的自食其果 T_T  再會啦!

Jumpsuit :  Choies (here)
Shoes :  Vincci
Necklace :  Isabella
Earrings :  Cor-date


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