Thursday, April 24, 2014


Your beauty comes like sunshine after rain, so warm
An unexpected spark to wash away the dark.

-- Elvenking "Swallowtail"


    Yes, yes ... I'm so not over the Elvish / Arabian makeup thing, and I decided to discard the headscarf and tone down the contouring a bit. I got this swallow headband (or chain?) from Romwe a while ago, I think it is not overly gaudy that a costume ball would be the only place to flaunt it. I mean, it is simple enough for music festival getups and boho stylings à la Free People, yet still maintains an ethereal quality that would suit my occasional whim for dreamy fanciful dresses. And speaking of fanciful dresses, this green chiffon dress by Dazzlin' with its lovely bell sleeves is a favourite of mine in terms of dreaminess. I think I really got a bargain as it was purchased during sale season in Japan three years ago, it is still as good as new despite a few outings during this time and just as beautiful as when I first laid eyes on it.

    好吧好吧~其實我還沒對可惡的精靈/阿拉伯主婦妝死心啦(詳情請見上篇),這次忍痛捨棄了頭巾跟減少修容來重出江湖 XDD  這個燕子頭飾是之前在 Romwe 入手的,我想這個款式不會過於華麗到只剩下化妝舞會可以戴上它。畢竟這款設計相對簡約,大概可以在音樂季穿搭或是 Free People 式的波西米亞穿搭中用得上,但是又保留了一點奇幻的氛圍,讓我這個浪漫風穿搭愛好者可以解一解饞 :P  說到浪漫風,這件 Dazzlin' 的綠色雪紡洋裝大概是我衣櫃中數一數二夢幻的啦~重點就在那歌仔戲般的飛袖啦!XD  不過我覺得真的很划算,三年前趁日貨折扣季的時候入手的,經過幾次穿出門加上洗滌依舊完好如新,也一如第一次見到的時候一樣美麗如昔 >///<

Dress :  Dazzlin'
Headband :



  1. so prettyyyy~ i love that headband and dress :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. You look so cute! I love yout outfits c: Always perfect

  3. Schöne Mädchen, ich weiß, jeder will mehr und mehr schön. Finden Sie ein passendes Kleid, gibt es viele Arten, hier sind schöne und elegante Kleidung, verpassen Sie nicht, treffen.jadegowns hochzeitsgast kleid reviews


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