Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fall, in Leather

    Some time ago I was struck by a sudden infatuation with pale-coloured leather jackets, and so a somewhat lengthy search for the jacket ensued. Eventually I turned to Taobao after finding most leather jackets on US/UK sites too roomy and therefore probably unflattering on my hobbit frame. I finally found one here that I felt would be small enough after perusing countless reviews of countless leather jackets from countless seller of an indefinite price range. It's faux leather, to be honest, and super cheap, but then I don't really count on it to last for years and years (or for that matter, I don't really count on my infatuation to last that long either ; ) ) and right now considering the price point I'm just plain pleased with it, quality- and cut-wise.  


    I bought this in pale beige, which is a rather safe and practical shade. A little reminder though, the size S is a true S, the seller did give an approximate weight range recommendation for each size on the site, and I find that quite accurate and useful. This jacket fits me rather snugly when zipped up and the length is just right at the waist, so I would say it's a good fit for hobbits ; )  (I used to own leather jackets from other brands and despite the S size, the waist would usually fall at an awkward length halfway down my hips, taking away some of the suave sophistication that comes with a leather jacket). The details are just right too, for me at least, nothing too fancy or complicated, pockets are real but the zips on the sleeves and the straps on the waist are purely ornamental. 

    我買的是杏色,實品就是一個安全好搭的米黃色。不過要提醒一下,這件的S真的滿小件的,賣場有大略建議各個size適合的體重範圍,我覺得算是滿準的。這件拉鍊拉上對我來說算合身,衣長也剛好在腰的位置,算是非常適合哈比人的短皮衣(我買過Lowrys Farm跟歐美牌的別色皮衣,雖然是S號但是衣長都太長,腰身落在我臀部的位置穿起來少了皮衣的俐落感)。細節部分我覺得不錯,沒有過於繁複的綴飾,然後口袋是真的口袋,不過袖子的拉鍊和腰間以及袖口的鈕扣帶子就是裝飾用的。

    My initial infatuation with pale-coloured leather jackets was rooted mainly in its versatility as a whole. However, when some of my colleagues joined me in buying this leather jacket, most shunned the beige one in preference for the practicality of a classic black. Which is why I came up with the colour idea for this Style Guide -- to assert the versatility of a beige leather jacket by pairing it with an entire palette of fall colours.

    當初突然想要一件淺色皮衣就是因為覺得它很好搭。可是我揪醫院的同事一起買的時候大家都覺得黑色比較好搭所以多數選了黑色 T__T  所以這次寫穿搭style guide想到用這件搭各種秋冬色系來凸顯淺色皮衣的百搭功能 XD  

 When it's a white on white combo, accessorizing with coloured items would give the whole look a little weight, a little variation.

 白 x 白的搭配時,可以運用一些深色或飽和色的配件為整體造型帶來重點與亮點。

 That oldish print, do you still remember? LOL  It certainly gives the outfit a fall-ish air. 

* 還記得這件阿嬤襯衫嗎?XDD  不過這個花色倒為整個穿搭添了幾許秋意。

* If this outfit had been paired with a black leather jacket, the outcome would have been a more masculine and dark look. A beige jacket softens the look while still adding masculinity.

* 如果這套是搭了黑色皮衣,大概會看起來更帥氣但也更暗一些。淺色皮衣在增加帥氣的同時也帶來了些許柔和。

* I love to pair leather jackets with florals, it's the easiest way to achieve the perfect mix of masculine chic and feminine daintiness.

* 我非常喜歡碎花搭皮衣,因為那是最容易達成完美甘x辛比例的方法 : P

* Of course there has to be denim. And you can layer a blazer over the leather jacket for a two-toned, trimming-like effect.

* 當然要來點丹寧 : P  另外可以在淺色皮衣外套另一件外套製造撞色感。

* A more office-appropriate look. Pairing a pencil skirt with a leather jacket makes the outfit a little more stylish and casual, I think.

* 這是比較適合上班的穿搭吧!窄裙如果搭皮衣可以增加整體穿搭的時尚感與隨性感。

 * As usual, I'm accessorizing with dark-coloured items when the overall palette is a little on the light side.

* 一樣,當整體穿搭的色調偏淺時就用深色配件調整平衡。

* Leopard print is so in vogue this fall. If you're a bit tentative about a full-blown leopard look, try it out in a smaller helping such as on a top or bag.

* 今年豹紋很火啊~如果覺得猶豫,不妨從小面積嘗試,比如上衣或包包。

* I think I haven't worn this burgundy Pazzo dress in ages, good thing I wrote this post because I finally remembered I have such a dress, LOL.

* 媽阿我都忘了我還有這件Pazzo酒紅洋裝,因為寫這篇才想起來的 XD

* Pair a leather jacket with Doc Martens and I might fall for this boy-version of myself next thing I know  ; )

* 搭個馬丁靴瞬間變男孩風 XDD 唉唷我都要愛上自己了(喂)

*       *       *

    That's all this time I guess! I'm honestly running out of words so don't mind my babbling. And due to lack of accessories detailed shots I'm ending this post with the customary medley of recent Instagrams! 

    這次先這樣啦!抱歉其實我都寫到快辭窮了,下面的短評有點語無倫次請隨便看看就好XDD  以及因為後來下雨光線暗了,來不及拍配件細節,只好隨便拿最近的IG拼圖草草結束 : P


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Of Gold Dust and Spices

I dreamt I was in Morocco, 
Strange odors in the air.
And I was in love with a princess,
With black curly hair.

-- Orange Blue "Morocco"

    Actually I had this Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette for quite some time already, but it's so gorgeous I'm contented just looking at it and fawning over the glittering golds and the jewel tones. The previous palette that Fenty Beauty launched didn't really arouse much of my interest (mainly because it was all shimmer and glitter), but this had me seriously craving one with all its practical and not-so-practical shade selections and that stunning holographic coloured smoke on the lid.

    Fenty Beauty夏季彩妝主打的這盤Moroccan Spice Palette時其實我買一陣子了,但是整個太美了一直處於一種純觀賞的狀態 XDD  上一次Fenty出的限量彩妝盤幾乎都是珠光或亮片色所以我沒什麼太大興趣,但是這次一看到配色跟包裝完全升起熊熊大火啊啊啊~ 

    The shade selection of this palette encompasses the practical shades and also shades for special occasions. In other words, it's a palette that you can complete a variety of eye looks with alone. I'm pretty impressed with the shimmer shades, they are buttery smooth and pigmented and the glow is definitely high impact, especially the top row rightmost gold shade -- you can impersonate the golden Oscar statue with this shade, it's that blinding! The mattes were, well, a bit mediocre, some are a bit dry and the colour payoff less satisfactory, but they are buildable so I can accept that. This palette supposedly performs a lot better with Fenty's new eyeshadow primer, I didn't buy that so I wouldn't know, but I would say I'm quite satisfied with the outcome on the lids even without priming. By the way, I did a little swatch video of this palette, I'll put it on my Instagram shortly so you can better see how the eyeshadows fare individually application- and pigmentation-wise (Instagran account @bonjourjasmineblog)

    這盤配色有很多實用色也有很多特殊色。簡單來說是一盤可以單獨完成多種眼妝的眼影盤。這盤的珠光色表現都非常棒,粉質綿密滑順,顯色度高光澤漂亮。最驚豔的是最上排最右的金色,真的超誇張金的,如果想要cos十八銅人全臉上這色就可以了 XD  霧面色就比較普通一點,有些粉質會比較乾比較不顯色,但是可以用疊擦達到不錯的飽和度。據說這盤搭他們家的眼影打底會好很多,我沒買所以也無從得知,但我自己使用起來覺得就算不打底在眼皮上的顯色度其實還是不錯的。另外我有錄了一小段試色影片,一會會放在IG上(帳號 bonjourjasmineblog),可以更好的觀察每一色的顯色度﹑偏光跟光澤。

(A very bare-bones tutorial for this Morocco-inspired eye look)

Apply A as a transition colour all over the upper eyelid (area indicated by the orange line). Apply B in the area within the crease. Increase the colour intensity by layering C over the outer 1/3 of the eyelid. Dab on a little concealer over the area within the cream white line and apply D over it. Using an eyeliner brush, apply E over the inner 2/3 of the lower lid. Complete the look by doing a thick and very black winged liner and you're good to go!



    I did have some qualms doing this Morocco-inspired look, on the fence about using red or teal as the main colour. In the end I decided on the red because it is rare that I find a red eyeshadow that actually looks red on me (the reds in my Zoeva Cocoa and Opulence palettes inexplicably turn reddish brown on my lids, sigh)! But it's a pity some many beautiful shades are hardly used in this look, especially the teal and that gorgeous duochrome pink second from left on the second row. Well, there's always another time, for now this look is all I have. Of course if you've any questions don't hesitate to ask ; )

    這次嘗試摩洛哥為靈感的眼妝其實猶豫了一下要以紅色為主還是以藍綠色為主,最後決定紅色是因為難得遇上在我眼皮上真的是正紅的眼影 XD(像之前Zoeva可可盤跟Opulence,它們的紅色在我眼皮不知為何都會變紅棕色 囧>) 不過藍綠色跟第二排左二的那個偏光粉紅(好像被小紅書稱為人魚色)真的爆炸美,這次不太用到真的很可惜,下次再來好好用這兩色啦~^^P  這次先這樣啦,大家有問題都可以問我啦!

Bises! ♥ 

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