Sunday, December 29, 2013

Forest Green

I walk, through the forest
I smile, green's around me.
-- Cause for Effect "Not Gloomy"
    A while ago I got myself some Holika Holika nail polishes that are truly festive hues. This holiday season, I did some checkered manicure in a combination which reminds me of Christmas trees bedecked with golden baubles. Though a bit late, happy holidays to y'all, mes amis, et meilleurs vœux!
    前一陣子,我入手了幾罐 Holika Holika 的指甲油,全都是閃亮亮的節慶色系。今年耶誕,我做了久違的格子指彩,配色讓我聯想到掛著滿滿金色吊飾的聖誕樹 >///<  然後雖然有些遲了,還是要祝大家聖誕快樂,新年快樂! ^__^
    I seriously adore this cream white leather skirt at the moment, you can see another look with it on my Instagram    :)
    我現在熱愛這件米白色的皮裙,之前在 Instagram 上放了某一天的穿搭也是這件可愛的皮裙噢~ :)
Jumper :  thrifted
Leather skirt :  Kooki
Boots :
Bag :  Coach
Vernis :  Holika Holika #17 and #02


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jewel Tones

    Here're some of my recent acquisitions. Clearly you can tell that I'm enamoured of large jewels and small purses à présent , oh, and the fascinating shade that is French blue.
    這些是我最近的戰利品們(小聲:... 的一小部分)。應該不難看出,目前我熱愛著大珠寶跟小手拿包,還有法式藍這個美好的色澤 >////<

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Orange Days

I'm an Orange Moon and I shine so bright
Cause I reflect the light of my sun.
-- Erykah Badu "Orange Moon"
    Sunny days are so hard to come by these days, I'm trying to squeeze every sun-drenched minute I have for many much-delayed photoshoots. I bought these peachy pink culottes a while ago, last summer actually. These are super light and super airy, but also super prone to tripping if you're a hobbit like me. I think I'm taking it back to the tailor for a small waist and shorter pant legs.
    最近好天氣真的是可遇不可求啊,現在有美好陽光的每一分每一秒都要好好把握來拍拖了n年的心得文  XDD  這天穿的橘粉色闊腿褲其實買很久了。實品真的很輕盈很飄逸,不過 ... 對於哈比人的我來說,也很容易絆倒  T_T  總之,我想我還是會把它送到裁縫那裡改小腰圍跟把褲腳用短吧!
Top :  Pazzo
Culottes :  from Taobao

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lipstick and Leather

Lipstick and leather
Rock and roll baby made a mess of my head.
-- Y&T "Lipstick and Leather"
    I have been longing to try the leather shorts that were all the rage since summer, but the procrastinator in me just couldn't be bothered with outfit shoots. Well, I finally got it done, in the middle of a freezing November that rendered shorts an untenable choice.
    從夏天開始,我就一直想嘗試看看歐美部落客中紅翻天的皮短褲。只是懶鬼如我根本提不起勁去拍穿搭,一直拖到了現在。於是,這篇皮短褲穿搭文完成了,只不過是在冷風颼颼穿不了短褲的十一月中  (ノε゜●) ...

Top :  Pazzo
Bracelet :  gift from sister  :)
The monochromatic look, offset with some brown pieces.
Top :  Pazzo
Blazer :  YFS Ladies
Bootees :
A white blazer adds an urban chicness to the outfit.
Top :  Dorothy Perkins
Loafers :  La Mania de Yvonne
Bag :  Coach
The old reliable combo of red and black never goes wrong.
老梗卻可靠的傳統 -- 紅黑配色,準不會出錯。
Top :  Pazzo
Coat :  from Miruru
Bootees :
Bag :  Coach
The leopard coat adds a wild edge to the chic leather shorts.
Top :  Lowrys Farm
Loafers :  La Mania de Yvonne
Necklace :  Mazzard
A cable knit jumper is a must every fall, simple yet versatile.
Top :
Loafers :  La Mania de Yvonne
Bracelet :  gift from sister :)
The small details on the collar make the outfit less mundane.
Top :  Earh, Music & Ecology
Bootees :
When all else fails, you can always count on stripes to save the day.
Shirt :  YFS Ladies
Bootees :
Clutch :  Snupped
The blue on the dog clutch complements the denim nicely.
Coat :  Pazzo
Loafers :  La Mania de Yvonne
Bag :  Coach
A camel trench coat is the epitome of cosmopolitan sophistication.
Cardigan :
Loafers :  La Mania de Yvonne
Bag :  Coach
A more laid back look accentuated by the oversized cardigan.
    I'm done then! That's a big cross off my checklist, and now for the faux wedding photoshoot ... if the sun is shining yonder! I'm having a bit of a flu though, so I'm more or less rambling on without much coherence. I think it much more pleasant if I just leave you with the shoe shots and bade you good night!
    呼~任務完成啦!欠文清單上又可以劃掉一項了,現在就剩心心念念的偽婚紗外拍 ... 如果陽光明媚的話。我現在正感冒中,也許快有些語無倫次了。所以我想最好還是直接放上例行的鞋子們的照片,然後跟大家說晚安啦!

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