Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Seeing Stars

Seeing stars but I'm not dreaming,
Sinking in this empty feeling.

-- Army of Freshmen "Talk of the Town"


    It's probably been a millenia since I last did an outfit post. In this timespan fall and winter has come and gone, blossoms have unfurled overnight (like they always do as if upon an enchantment -- where have all the buds gone??) atop luxuriant spring foliage and a pastel obsession seemed to have kicked in in regards to the sartorial choices of random pedestrians (yours truly included, of course). I have taken to wearing this light grey bomber jacket made of an almost suede-like material (exact nomenclature unknown) from Pazzo, pairing it with vibrants and pastels in turns, and occasionally draped over drab PJs when Sunday morning cravings demand a McBreakfast takeaway ; ) 

    For this look, I hasten to admit, it was a bit of an impromptu. The hair I just haphazardly threw on with the aid of my car rearview mirror, and it inevitably disintegrated into frizzy wisps as I hurtled to and fro the camera trying to make quick work of this roadside shoot. Despite that and the half-hearted effort at makeup, the delicious contrast of electric blue and pink still made my heart skip a beat, who knew an electric blue hue would be such a great match in spring!  : )

    大概有幾百年沒拍穿搭寫穿搭了吧!這段空白裡秋冬悄然走了,然後樹梢的花感覺就像有什麼魔法一樣突然就一起一夜盛開了,這種時候走在路上的行人在服裝上似乎也都不約而同的愛上春天的淺色調(當然我也是 XD)。最近喜歡穿的是這件淺灰色的Pazzo飛行外套,材質是太空棉(但摸起來有點像麂皮),有時搭鮮豔色有時搭粉彩色,甚至偶爾在周末早晨肚子餓時會直接套在居家服上出門買麥當勞早餐  : P

    話說這天拍攝其實有點即興。頭髮是在車裡靠著車子的後視鏡手忙腳亂的夾起來的,然後在我來回調定時自拍時它就不可避免的崩塌成一團亂了 XDD  不過即使如此,看到電藍跟嫩粉的對比還是覺得蠻喜歡這次的照片的,大概因為沒有料到那麼濃郁艷麗的電藍色也是可以有春天的一面的吧  : )

Bomber jacket and top :  Pazzo
Skirt :  Belle.Perle
Shoes :  Grace Gift
Earrings :  Cor-date (here)


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Boho Colours by Ungrid

    Yes, I've fallen prey to yet another furoku (Japanese magazine freebie) trap!!! This one felt too good to resist though, a rare makeup collaboration between Japanese boho brand Ungrid and fashion trend magazine Gina. The set consists of 5 glosses that can be used as eyeshadow, cheek colour or lip gloss, in a range of warm orange-y tones that seem to be all the rage now, complete with boho-ish names like earth and sunset and meteor  : )

    是的,我又中了日雜贈品的毒啦 orz   雖跟自己說化妝品爆多了要手但是這次的誘惑太大真是忍不住啦!Ungrid跟日雜Gina四月號的合作,是難得的Ungrid彩錄。送的是一組5支的3-way gloss,可以拿來當眼蜜、頰彩或唇彩。色彩方面也是最近大流行的橘紅色系,配上earth、sunset、meteor之類波希米亞風滿滿的名字  ; )

    01 earth (a pinkish brown shimmer) -- this comes off as a pretty warm brown on the eyes, as a lipgloss it is more of a metallic nudish brown. 

    02 sunset (a wine red gloss) -- a deep red on the lips with a very glossy finish, this gives a flush of red to the complexion when used as a blush. It is a bit more tricky to use on the eyes but can be pulled off with some patient dabbing.

    03 meteor (a glittery clear gloss) -- a plain clear gloss with prismatic glitter bits that adds a glossy shine wherever you apply it, be it on the eyelids, on the lips or even on the cheekbones as a highlight.


    01 earth--珠光粉棕色,上在眼皮上是溫婉帶光澤的暖棕色,作為唇蜜單擦的話比較偏帶金屬光的裸褐色。

    02 sunset--水潤酒,上在唇上是非常水潤的深紅,點一點在臉頰上推開的話就是顯氣色的正紅腮紅。其實也可以拿來當眼影,不過太水潤比較難上需要耐心用指腹點拍著上。

    03 meteor--透亮片,就般帶七彩亮片的透蜜,想要哪裡有水潤感就往哪擦,甚至可以上在顴骨處當打亮使用。

    04 sunrise (a clear orange gloss) -- looks bright tangerine in the bottle, but the orange pigmentation is minimal. Adds a very slight orange tinge and glossy shine but not much more.

    05 twilight (rusty orange shimmer) -- my favourite shade of the five, it's a very trendy burnt orange shade and the gold iridiscent shimmer adds a metallic sheen to the lips. Can be used as eyeshadow as well.

    04 sunrise -- 透橘色,瓶子裡看起來是很亮的柑橘色,但是用起來比較像帶點橘的透明唇彩。可以用來增加一點橘色調(比如疊在其他唇彩上)或是增加水亮感(臉部或唇妝都適用)。

    05 twilight -- 珠光橘棕色,是5色中的最愛。這個顏色是現下還滿流行的鐵鏽橘。因為帶有非常細緻的金色珠光所以用在唇上會有點金屬光澤。當眼影用也很好看。

    The applicator looks just like any others, no complaints there as I find it quite handy. The bottom picture are the swatches on paper, in numerical order from left to right. Sorry about the middle swatch, I spent a bit of time trying to adjust the lens focus and the clear gloss simply seeped into the paper and turned into a glorious beglittered water stain.     

    刷頭就一般的毛毛刷頭,用起來滿順手的。下圖紙上試色由左到右就01、02、03、04、05這樣。03那個是透明唇蜜,不過不好意思有點拍不出來,因為是拿單眼拍的調對焦調的有點慢,它直接滲進紙張變成了帶亮粉的華麗水漬 T__T

    For the eyes, after priming the lids apply 05 twilight liberally over entire lid, layering on more gloss until desired colour payoff is achieved. Apply 02 sunset over outer 1/3 of the eye by patting on the colour with fingers. Wait a moment for the glosses to dry down slightly, then blend along the edges with fingertips. Add black eyeliner and mascara et voila!

    眼妝的部分,眼皮打底後先在眼窩範圍內豪邁的用指腹擦上05 twilight,並重疊拍上直到足夠飽和。眼尾1/3再用指腹輕拍疊上02 sunset。待稍乾後用指腹將邊緣輕輕暈開,再畫上黑色眼線睫毛膏就完成啦~: )

    For the lips it's fairly simple. Simply apply 05 twilight over the lips, I find the enclosed applicator quite easy to use. As you can see, this rusty orange shade has a lovely metallic sheen up close, though it does accentuate lip lines a bit. 

    唇妝就超簡單,直接用附上的刷頭刷上05 twilight,我覺得刷頭其實還滿好用的。可以看見這個鐵鏽橘色上在唇上有點金屬光的感覺,不過會有點顯唇紋就是了  : P

( ↓↓↓ 全妝照,慎入)

    Look 1 is basically an orange-and-red toned look, along with the glossy finish of the base makeup and eye and lip colours (and probably the sea-coloured nails too )  a picture of one's sunkissed beach vacay evening comes to mind.

    Look 1主要走一個橘橘紅紅的路線,橘紅色的眼妝唇妝配上底妝跟眼影的潤澤感(還有海水綠色指甲油 : P)莫名有種黃昏時分的海邊度假氛圍 XDD 

    Look 2 is solely about deep red lips I guess. 02 sunset is really really glossy, and fairly pigmented for a watery-type lipgloss. Still, it takes about 2-3 coats to achieve the payoff in the photo above. Not surprisingly though, it's a bit tricky to line the lips using this gloss due to its watery nature, and careful application is of utmost neccesity to avoid the dreaded awful "clown" lips.

    Look 2直接以酒紅唇為重點。02 sunset真的非常水潤,以水潤型唇蜜來說顏色算是蠻飽和的,不過還是要疊個兩三次才能達到照片裡的飽和度。另外因為太水潤有點難畫好唇線,不小心翼翼的描畫的話很容易就畫出界變小丑妝QQ

( ↓↓↓ 全妝照,慎入)

    On a sidenote, these 2 looks featured today were really the speediest I have been in recent makeup post endeavors. While the lips might have taken a bit longer, the eye makeup were simply just dot and pat and blend all the way. For Look 2, I simply applied a few dots of 01 earth on the lids and blend with the fingers, then I repeated the steps on the outer corner of the eyes for 2 more times et voila! I think it took less than 2 minutes max  : P   Also used 04 sunrise on the cheeks, but this shade is practically an orange-tinged clear gloss so not much of the colour showed after I blended it out ...but hey at least I got a dewy glow out of it  :D 

    不是我要說,今天的兩個妝容大概是我近期分享妝文以來畫的最快的了吧!唇妝可能花了稍微比較多時間,但是眼妝真的就是用手指豪邁的上豪邁的推開這樣。Look 2 的眼妝就是用01 earth點幾點在眼皮上然後推開,眼尾再疊個兩次加強一下 ...眼妝大概兩分鐘不到吧 XDDD  另外臉頰有擦上04 sunrise,不過這隻本身就顏色很透,推之後橘色太清楚,不過倒是可以看到水潤的光澤哈哈 : D

*  *  *

    That's all this time! There're so many possibilities with these 5 glosses, 2 looks felt a bit paltry but oh well, I'm being lazy so that's that then  ; )   Oh, and this magazine costs just about 780yen, it'll not set you back considerably so I really think if you come across one there's no harm in trying them out.

    這次就這樣囉!這組5種顏色又可以多用真的有太多的排列組合可以嘗試了,2個妝容反而感覺有點稀少 ...不過再拍好麻煩就請將就一下我這隻懶蟲吧 QQ  對了,這本雜誌價錢是780日圓(博客來好像賣NT300多),等於一支60幾元加一本雜誌,有看到可以買來玩玩看啦!

As usual ending the post with a medley of Instagrams, it's April and pink is in the air! (@bonjourjasmineblog)



Saturday, April 8, 2017

Snowflakes in Spring

When snowflakes fall in the summer,
You'll be true to me.

-- The Everly Brothers "When Snowflakes Fall in the Summer" 

from Instagram ( @bonjourjasmineblog )

A simple weekend brunch spent in the company of my new arm blings  ; )

簡簡單單的周末早午餐,與最近收到的新歡們相伴  >///<

Snowflake ring :  Cor-date (here)
Leaf bracelet :  Cor-date (here)
Leather bracelet :  Forever 21


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