Sunday, January 29, 2017

4 Looks with Emoda

    Oh dear, I find myself increasingly hooked on Japanese magazine freebies (furoku) of late. EMODA Cosmetics, of which I'm writing about in this post, has been collaborating with JELLY magazine for quite some time now, but their past freebies consisted mainly of nail polishes and clear lip glosses so I wasn't exactly tempted. And then one day I came across a post about their November issue collaboration cosmetics kit on a furoku-related news blog and the whole thing was totally right up my alley. The practicality, the design and the colour scheme ...I was sold on the spot and promptly pre-ordered through Amazon Japan.

    啊啊我覺得自己最近真的對日雜贈品有點上癮啦哈哈!這次介紹的EMODA彩妝已經不是第一次跟JELLY雜誌合作送贈品了,不過以往的彩妝贈品以指甲油跟唇蜜居多,對我而言不是很生火也就pass了。結果後來在日雜贈品部落格上看到JELLY 11月號的贈品圖透⋯當下覺得「哇好實用喔~而且色系都是我的菜 ❤️ 」就立馬上日本亞馬遜預定了(腦波弱  XD

    The freebie cosmetics set included: a makeup palette consisting 6 eyeshadows, a black gel eyeliner and a lip-and-cheek cream, and two nail polishes. I have to say this is by far the best collaboration furoku EMODA has come up with. As the Chinese New Year draws near there has been endless discussions on beauty forums about which makeup items to take home, this all-in-one makeup palette would have solved that dilemma easily. 

    這次隨雜誌送的彩妝組合如上圖:一個含黑色眼線膏、唇頰霜以及6色眼影的彩妝盤,以及兩罐指甲油。不是我要說,這個組合大概是JELLY x EMODA彩妝贈品的巔峰了吧!最近一直看到大家分享帶什麼彩妝品返鄉,說真的我覺得光帶這一盤大概就可以搞定80%的彩妝了(底妝不算 XDD)

    According to the magazine, the 3 earth-toned shades in the upper row are meant for daily fall eye makeup while the more colourful bottom row is recommended for night outings and Halloween parties (←word for word there, LOL). There's also a black gel eyeliner and a lip and cheek cream in a fuchsia pink hue. A double-ended applicator, one side sponge tip and the other a slant-edged liner brush, is also included. Apart from the pale pink shade which applies more chalky than the rest, all other shades has good colour payoff with near effortless application. The shades can be built up with repeated layering, and I especially love the darkest brown shade -- the colour payoff is great and excellent as an alternative to eyeliner. The gel eyeliner is passable too, black enough for me and surprisingly the included liner brush ain't bad at all. I haven't tried the lip and cheek cream on the lips, but as a cream blush it gives a healthy rosy cheeks effect which I really like, but a little goes a long way so you might want to ease up on application to avoid looking clownish. (I'm sorry the colours don't really show up too well on the paper swatches, I did a very short swatch video but  for some reason just couldn't put it up on Blogspot  : (   I uploaded the video on my Instagram though, you can head over there to see more accurate swatches if you 're interested, IG handle is @bonjourjasmineblog  )   

    彩妝盤的話,看雜誌的說明上排三個大地色適合秋冬日常使用,下排含桃紫色跟流行的紅色系則是適合萬聖節夜遊(?)←雜誌說的 XD  另外有一大格黑色眼線膏跟一大格桃粉色唇頰霜。另外還有附一隻雙頭刷具,一邊是海綿棒一邊是斜角眼線刷。除了淺粉色比較不顯色也比較難上之外,其餘的眼影都表現蠻優秀的,尤其最深的深棕色真的非常飽和顯色(但會飛粉),畫日常妝我都拿它當眼線色畫非常好看。另外眼線膏也很不錯,對我來說不太暈而且夠黑,意外的是附上的刷子堪用不雞肋,雖然小但是還蠻容易掌控力道的。唇頰霜我還没用在唇上過,當腮紅的話這個桃粉色上在蘋果肌有種透出肌膚的紅潤感,不過很顯色要小心著用。(眼影在紙上都不太顯色 orz  我有拍了手部試色小影片但是一直放不上blogspot,有放在ig上了有興趣可以去看看比較準確的小試色  → 帳號 @bonjourjasmineblog

    The shades of the freebie nail polishes are gorgeous -- a very dark chocolate brown and a gold glitter one. These are perfect for fall and winter, whether worn alone or together. I don't know if it's just me, but unfortunately the polishes I got tend to thicken with wear at an alarming rate. Which is a pity, really, beacuse that gold glitter shade is just so lovely : ((  

    指甲油的部分是很深的咖啡色跟金色亮片各一瓶。這個顏色組合非常適合秋冬,單擦或搭配在一起都很好看,但是不知到是我拿到的有問題還是怎樣,這兩罐都有越刷越稠的問題。有點可惜,因為金色亮片那罐擦起來真的很漂亮我很喜歡  T__T

    I admit, I like this palette so much I don't think one single look can do justice to its overall practicality, so for this post I give you 4 different looks : P   All the eye makeup were done with this palette, and I used the cream as a blush once but haven't tried it on the lips.

    我真的太喜歡這個彩妝盤啦,覺得單單一個妝容無法體現它的好用,所以這篇一口氣寫了4個妝容啦(也就是為何這篇會難產這麼久...照片拍太多簡直不想去碰啦 XD)  眼妝幾乎都是只用這一盤完成的,唇頰霜有當腮紅用一次,不過還沒試在唇上。

    For this look, use D as a base and sweep across the lid. Apply C within the crease and layer B on the outer 1/3 of the eye, sweeping inwards and upwards with a blending brush to blend with C. Use a tapered brush to apply A as eyeliner, winging it around 4mm beyond the outer corner . Mix C and D and apply on the lower lids before lining the outer 2/3 of lower lid with A. 


    One thing about these eyeshadows is that most can be individually layered on to create a lovely gradation effect, as I did with shade B.  This look is relatively casual, and lining the eyes with a dark brown eyeshadow creates a more subtle and gentle look than using a black liquid or gel eyeliner. 


    Similarly, sweep D across entire lid. At the outer half of the eye, layer on E and blend outwards and upwards. Repeat layering and blending of E at the outer 1/3 of the eye to achieve a gradation effect. Pat a little D on the center of the lid if desired for some added shimmer. Using the included slant-edged brush, apply G along the lash line and wing it about 3-4mm beyond the outer corner. Apply D on the lower lid, line the lower lid with A using a small tapered brush if preferred.


    The lilac shade in this palette calls for a sweeter, more spring-time look. When applied on the eyes it looks more lilac pink than true lilac as seen in the pan. Nevertheless, this is a lighter look with relatively pale colours, so I blended the lilac shade beyond the crease so that the lovely colour would still be visible when eyes are open. Also, I used the lip-and-cheek cream from the palette as a blush in this look, love that rosy glow effect.


    Apply D over lid. Apply A over outer 1/3 of upper lid and blend inwards towards the center. Apply C over inner 1/3 of lid and similarly blend towards the center. Using B as a transition colour, blend between the colours so that the shades mix seamlessly at the edges. Repeat layering and blending of colours to get the desired saturation. Line the upper lash line with G. Apply C over inner 1/3 and A over remaining 2/3 of the lower lid and blend.


    Like the Casual Look, I used the 3 browns in the upper row for this look, but by blending the dark brown more extensively over the lids a smoky eye look is achieved. I paired the eye makeup with deep brown-toned lips and a camel trenchcoat to give the overall styling a fall metropolitan feel. 

    跟Casual一樣用了上排的三個大地色,不同的是運用深棕色的大片暈染畫出濃郁的煙燻妝。特地搭配深色的類土色唇膏跟駝色風衣,讓整體感覺比較有點都市秋冬氣息 >///<

    Sweep D lightly across entire lid as a base. Apply C within the crease and blend over the edges. Layer on F at the outer 1/3 of the eye, blending upwards and outwards as usual. Repeat layering of F to achieve the desired gradation. Create a winged eyeliner using G and the included brush. Apply D over lower lid and line the outer 2/3 of lower lid with A.


    Finally using that burgundy red shade for a look fit for the Jazz Age Lawn Party! The opulence of a red-and-gold combination, paired with bold red lips, felt so very 1920s I was compelled to don that feathered headpiece and just let go and channel my inner flapper. For the nails I did an easy chocolate-and-gold half-moon manicure with the two freebie polishes.

    後用那美麗的酒紅色畫了個適合參加爵士派對的妝容 XDD  喜歡紅 x 金這個配色的奢華感,配上大膽的紅唇很有20年代的氛圍,於是偷偷穿起了亮片洋裝跟羽毛頭飾小小滿足一下自己對flapper girl的時尚憧憬。 指甲也是用了贈品的兩色做了超簡易的深棕 x 金半月指彩。

*    *    *

    That's all this time, I guess. Please excuse my frizzy unkempt hair as I was running to and fro the camera setting up the self-timer and there was no time to tidy up! Still, hope y'all enjoyed this post, which look do you like best?  ; )

    這次就先醬啦!不好意思照片裡頭髮都超毛躁的,因為要設定時自拍一直在相機間來回跑又沒時間整理好亂髮  T__T   不過還是希望大家這篇看得開心啦~你們最喜歡哪個妝呢? ; )

    As usual, I'm ending the post with a medley of Instagram pics ( @bonjourjasmineblog ), these days I'm all for loitering in cafes on off-duty days and trying out previously-disfavored cappucinos  :P

    照例來個Instagram照片的拼圖當結尾(帳號 @bonjourjasmineblog ),最近值班後都只想在咖啡館放空神遊,以及嘗試以往不是很愛的卡布奇諾  :P


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