Wednesday, February 12, 2014

School Girl Morning

Good mornin' little schoolgirl
Can I go home with you?

-- Jonny Lang "Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl"


    I've a weakness for salopettes, they are so reminiscent of childhood you just feel young donning one. This EMODA one that I scored in a Runway Channel sale last year is totally adorable, well-tailored and surprisingly, a perfect fit for me. I love everything about it -- the little button details, the flare of the skirt, the sturdy corduroy and the cinched waist (the waist is really small, around 23"). To complete the schoolgirl look, what's more ideal than a book clutch based on the infamous ingénue Lolita?

    我對吊帶褲/裙一直很有愛,它們總是讓我想起童年時代,彷彿穿上就會瞬間年輕起來  >///<  這款 EMODA 的吊帶裙是去年在 Runway Channel 的折扣季中撿到的,版型可愛、做工細緻,而且對我這個哈比而言神奇的合身 @@  這件的設計真的很得我心 -- 前面的鈕扣細節、裙子的澎度、實在的燈芯絨布料以及強調細腰的設計,只是腰圍真的頗小,約 23 吋要小心。為了達到完整的學生妹 look,有什麼比以著名的誘惑少女 《洛麗塔》為靈感的書本包包來得更加應景呢(笑)? :P

Top :  Earth, Music & Ecology
Salopette skirt :  EMODA
Bootees :
Bag :  p.s. Besitos
Butterfly ring :  Accessorize

Bises! ♥♥


  1. These pictures are so beautiful and atmospheric. I'm in love with your purse. I've always been fascinated by that book, and the design makes it so stunning. Where did you get it?

    1. It is by p.s. Besitos, I've included the link in my post now :)

  2. I really love your pictures and outfit, especiallt the lolita bag, it's precious!

  3. Beautiful pictures! And the clutch = want!!!! ♥

    1. The clutch is from p.s. Besitos, I've included the link in my post :)


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