Monday, August 6, 2018

Cream and Chocolate

Parks full of motors, painted green,
Mouths full of chocolate-covered cream.

-- Nina Simone "Everyone's Gone to the Moon"

    I strongly suspect I might have some sort of masochist inclination. Why else would I, after being dissatisfied with a previous purchase from Daxi Apparel and vowing to not put too much faith in social media darlings in the future, go ahead and buy again from the same seller (with another Summer Happy Bag on the way), all within a space of mere weeks? In my own defense, I loved the design of this chiffon shirt, and after my search for a worthy dupe turned out unfruitful, I decided to just risk it and ordered. Well, well, I was surprisingly happy with my purchase this time, though I must say the shirt is still a bit on the costly side, at least it practical enough and goes with everything : P 

    是的,我大概是個抖M,不久前才收到有點小不滿的大喜自製洋裝(可搜心得),一邊暗暗立志再不為網紅所動,另一邊卻口嫌體正直的又下標一件XDD(還有一個夏季福袋還在路上 orz) 主要是我喜歡這件的版型跟設計,搜尋「綁帶雪紡衫」並沒有找到類似的就只好再賭一次了。這次的成果我有比較滿意啦,雖然CP值還是不太高的樣子,至少它實穿 : P

    This shirt can be worn on both sides, one side with ties and the other more of a high-necked collar. I basically only use the side with ties because I like the more casual feel, the high-necked collar feel more dressy, perhaps it would be more appropriate for, say, a wedding paired with a fishtail skirt or something similar. The shirt also features full-blown bell sleeves, but you could always tie them up with the attached ribbons or simply elastic bands (which I used ; ) )  I think the chiffon is acceptable as it does not wrinkle easily, and the cami inside is also nice enough. The colour however is much deeper than portrayed on the seller site, it's basically a cream yellow, still a very versatile shade though!

    這件是可以兩面穿的,一邊是有綁帶的,另一邊有點宮廷風高領的感覺。不過基本上我目前都只用有綁帶那一邊,因為比較隨性的感覺,高領那邊有點太正式我覺得,喜酒什麼搭個窄裙或魚尾裙應該不錯。袖子是唱戲的水袖(喂),不過它有附綁帶可以綁起來,只是太麻煩了我都直接用綁頭髮的橡皮圈束起來 XD  材質方面我覺得還不錯啦,雪紡不容易皺,附的內搭質感也很好,不過有色差喔。大喜賣場的照片把顏色調太白了,基本上實品就是個暗米黃色,不過這個顏色也很好搭啦!

    I've prepared 7 outfits this time, and for the sake of colour coordination I used mainly warm browns, and inadvertently (more like inevitably) veered into fall outfit territory. By the way, these photos were taken at different times so don't mind if there're some differences in shot angles and lighting and such  : P

    這次穿搭搭了7套,因為想要顏色比較統一,所以主要搭的暖棕色系--於是一不小心就搭到秋冬去了 XDD  然後照片有些是不同天拍的,對焦情況跟光線情況跟拍攝角度都有差,大家就隨便看看啦別太介意 : P

Shirt :  大喜自製
Shorts :  YFS

Shirt :  大喜自製
Blazer :  洋芋妹
Pants :  Pazzo

Shirt :  大喜自製
Skirt :  no brand
Coat :  via Taobao

Shirt :  大喜自製
Blazer :  洋芋妹
Culottes :  FormenGirl

Shirt :  大喜自製
Skirt :  Becky B Wardrobe

Shirt :  大喜自製
Salopette :  EMODA

Shirt :  大喜自製
Blazer :  IT Girl
Skirt :  via Taobao

    These are the accessories used this time. As I was in a hurry I just grabbed the nearest pieces and repeated them in the outfits. Oh, and now I'm in a hurry (again) to go to work so please excuse the brevity and general lack of chatter in this post, do leave me a line if you've any questions, adieu!

    用的鞋包就這些。這次偷懶啦,因為趕時間匆匆拍的所以只用了手邊好拿的幾樣配件 XDD  然後我現在又要趕著出門去了嗚嗚沒時間多寫,大家有問題都可以留言問我啦~: )

Bises! ♥♥


  1. 想請問韻這篇搭配的咖啡涼鞋、look4的豹紋包包與look6的包包是在哪個店家買的呢 謝謝:)

    1. 咖啡涼鞋是Bata的喔,豹紋包是之前日雜Otona Muse的贈品,look 6的包包牌子是Polo Venzi(在吉隆坡買的)^^


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