Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Dark Queen

A ballad of dark queen echoes through night,
As he flees the curse of the gods, the Pharoah's wrath.

-- Nightwish "Sahara"

     I have a love-hate relationship with Zoeva eyeshadows, I think. I adore their always gorgeous packaging and often innovative colour selections, but their eyeshadow per se just don't work well on me. I had trouble blending them when I had Cocoa Blend, and now I'm facing the same problem with Opulence. Don't get me wrong, the colours are beautiful and pigmented in Opulence and I've seen great looks done using this palette, but for some reason, as it was with Cocoa Blend, these colours just show up much darker and murkier on my eyelids.  Also, there're only two matte shades in this palette, I get that with the theme "Opulence" they meant to get as many jewel tones and shimmery golds and coppers as possible in there, but still, if you're looking for a travel palette with which you can complete an eye look, this may not be it.

    我覺得我對Zoeva的眼影盤真是又愛又恨。一方面很愛他們每次都超美的包裝以及經常玩出新意的配色,但是他們家的眼影本身對我來說並不好用(T__T)  之前入手了可可盤我覺得比Tarte難暈染的多,現在Opulence這盤也有一樣的問題。顏色確實又美又顯色,而且網路上也看到過不少用這盤畫出的超美眼妝。但我就是用的不順手,而且跟可可盤一樣,這盤的眼影上在我的眼皮比在手臂上深,而且容易髒。另外,這盤只有兩個霧面色(大紅色 "Get Your Glory" 跟深棕色 "Golden Years"),我知道因為主題是"Opulence"(奢靡的意思)所以想要把各種珠光金銅色跟寶石色系都加進去,但是這樣一來也要用這盤畫出完整眼妝就變得不太方便。

    I'm sorry for the less-than-satisfactory arm swatch but this was taken when I haven't figured out how to take a clearer swatch photo using a self-timer and with the camera positioned above instead of sideways. And unfortunately, the top leftmost pale gold shade "High Chair" totally blended in with my skintone and wouldn't show up in photos LOL. Anyway, you can see a clearer swatch photo on my Instagram (@bonjourjasmineblog) and there's also a video from which you can better perceive the finish of the eyeshadows. 

    抱歉手臂試色非常不理想,因為拍這張的時候我還沒想出要怎麼擺放單眼才能以俯瞰的角度自拍出試色照片 ^^"  而且上排最左的淺米金色 "High Chair" 竟然完全跟我的膚色融合了,根本看不出來 XDD   不過為了補救我有在IG上(帳號 bonjourjasmineblog)放了比較清楚的試色照跟影片,應該可以比較看得出眼影的質地跟妝感啦 : D

    Today's look was inspired by the dark floral packaging as well as the lavish jewel tones in the palette. As the matte shades in this palette are rather limited, I used Tarte's rusty orange brown "Dogman" on the crease. Then I layered on A on the outer 1/3 of the eye and blend with Dogman. Next, I used Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer on the inner 2/3 of the upper lid and patted on B (the concealer was necessary because that blue turned murky too easily otherwise). As for the lower lid, I lined the outer 1/3 of the lower lid with A and then blended out. I used C as the highlight colour on the inner corner and the "silkworm" part of the eye. Add in a winged liner and mascara and the look is done. Preferably false lashes would suit the overall Dark Queen vibe more but I was worried they might obscure the colours when I opened my eyes, so I went with mascara only in the end ; )  

    今天的黑暗皇后妝其實以這個眼影盤為靈感,包裝即黑暗又奢華,配色也是珠光寶氣。因為這盤霧面色太少,所以我用了Tarte的橘棕色 "Dogman" 打在雙眼皮摺的地方。接著用A疊在眼尾1/3並且與外圍的Dogman暈染均勻。之後我用了Catrice的Liquid Camouflage遮瑕膏點在上眼皮前2/3的範圍,再疊上B(必須要用遮瑕膏因為這色真的容易髒)。下眼皮部分用A化在下眼線外1/3處並且暈開,臥蠶的部分跟眼頭用C打亮。之後加上粗眼線跟睫毛膏就完成了(其實用假睫毛更好,但是因為我雙眼皮窄加上沒有把顏色暈很高,怕假睫毛加上去睜眼時顏色都看不出來了,所以只用了睫毛膏 ^^")

    I know I look bitchy, please don't hate me for it LOL  I uploaded a video of this look on my Instagram Story the other day, and a lot of people guessed I was duping a look from Game of Thrones. No, I wasn't trying to reenact anyone, I just need an excuse to throw all those ostentatious accessories onto myself  : P 

    看起來一副奸樣請不要打我 XDDD  那天放了這個妝的影片在IG動態時好多人猜我在仿 Game of Thrones裡的妝。其實並沒有要演什麼,我...只是想找個機會把一堆華麗飾品往身上掛而已啊哈哈哈哈 ^^"

Bises! ♥♥

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