Friday, February 26, 2016

Rose Quartz & Serenity

    Jeez ... I can't believe my last post was like three whole months ago, for Christmas to boot! That's not to say I've slacken off in regards to shopping or makeup, I've got some really nice finds lately that I want to share but am too lazy to get off the metaphorical couch. But the evil powers of Pantone managed to move the Immovable Object that was me in the blankets with an iPhone playing the latest J-dramas. Three cheers for Pantone!
    原來距離我上次寫部落格已經是整整三個月了,而且還是聖誕節那時候的文  <囧>   當然這並非意味著我這期間剁手指金盆洗手了,其實是入手了不少好物想分享卻懶得拍照寫文。不過這次邪惡的Pantone成功把躲在被窩裡不動如山看劇的我給喚醒了,真是可喜可賀(x 。
    This year's Pantone Colours of the Year are truly unabashedly girly. The dreamy combo of Rose Quartz and Serenity had me at hello, and when I saw the visuals of the VDL eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Pantone I was so ready to fork over the dollars for all that pastel goodness. After the initial excitement died down, though, I decided that there are enough dupes of the colours in my own stash to justify not buying, and, to convince my inner hoarder, proceeded to try out the pink and blue look with my current eyeshadow squad.    
    今年的Pantone年度色簡直擊中少女心啊 >///<  石英粉跟寧靜藍的組合真的太粉嫩太夢幻,當初看到VDL跟Pantone合作的眼影盤時內心根本炸開了花狂被生火。不過冷靜後想想,無視那少女到犯規的外盒的話,其實手邊的眼影盤大概也可以配出類似色。為了說服自己,立馬翻出手上的幾個眼影盤試畫了石英粉x寧靜藍的眼妝  :P
    First off, the eyeshadow palettes that I'm using this time : (from left) Kate Gradical Eyes PU-1, Kate Trap Impact Eyes BU-1, ZA Eyes Groovy 07. Although ZA is still my go-to palette (obviously), the Kate Trap Impact Eyes palette that I recently acquired is surprisingly good. It has a lovely shimmer finish with good colour payoff and the blue shade is a soft delicate hue that does not look heavy as is common with some of the other blue eye-makeup I've encountered.
    那先來看一下這次使用的眼影們:(左起)Kate極致漸層眼影盒PU-1,Kate漸層心計眼影盒BU-1,ZA 3D時尚派對眼影 07。偷說雖然我最常用的還是ZA那盤,不過最近入手的Kate漸層心計眼影意外的優秀。妝效是細緻的珠光感,顯色度也不錯,然後藍色那格擦起來很柔和,感覺不會有一般藍色眼影的妖媚(?)感。
   1. Apply A over eyelids.
   2. Apply B from the outer corner of the eyes and dab towards the center.
   1. 先用A上在整個上眼皮。
   2. 從眼尾開始上B,並往中間暈開。
   3. Layer C over the depicted area and blend between the colours with an eyeshadow brush.
   3. 將C疊擦在如圖中所畫出的區域,並且在兩色交界處用眼影刷暈開。
   4. Apply D from the inner corner of the eyes and dab towards the center.
   5. Blend between the colours with a brush.
   4. 從眼頭開始往中間疊擦D。
   5. 在各色交界處用眼影刷把顏色暈開。
    Lastly, apply E on the lower lids et voila! As the colours used this time are soft pastels, I decide to ditch the eyeliner so as to keep the look light and airy (and also to keep the colours visible on my narrow creases). 
    最後把E上在臥蠶處眼妝就完成囉!這次眼妝因為顏色太粉嫩,為了呈現這種粉嫩顏色的輕盈感(還有因為雙眼皮不夠大片怕顏色被遮住 orz)所以忍痛捨棄眼線這一步驟。
    I have not used filters on the eye close-ups and completed look photos, these are taken under natural light indoors near the window and as you can see, the blue shade of the Kate palette is pretty close to the purplish-blue Serenity shade. This pastel look is a bit of a departure from my usual earth tones routine, and I can't resist going along with a floral headband to complement the spring-themed getup.
    這次全妝照跟步驟照都沒有用濾鏡或調亮度/飽和度喔,就房間裡窗邊自然光這樣,可以看到Kate這盤的藍色疊擦起來意外的接近Pantone那種帶紫的藍。平時畫慣大地色系突然眼妝這麼清淡好不習慣 XDD  然後因為配色很春天忍不住戴個花髮箍應景一下(^皿^)y
    As usual, I'm ending the post with a medley of Instagram pics (@bonjourjasmineblog), my account, like my eye makeup today, has lately had a pastel invasion  :P

    照例來個Instagram近期照片(帳號 @bonjourjasmineblog)的拼圖當結尾,結果發現最近我的IG也跟眼影一樣粉嫩色系泛濫啦!XD


  1. 妳好美喔!
    就辦了帳號來追蹤妳 哈哈哈

    1. 忘了說 我英文名跟法文名也是Jasmine 哈哈

    2. 哈哈~同名握手 >///<
      謝謝你呢,還特地扮帳號好感動 T︿T
      英文我好像也沒有什麼特別方法耶 ^^"
      有一陣子我沉迷武俠小說不看英文書,結果後來就發現英文有點落漆了 XDD

    3. 期待妳的文章 ^3^
      我先來爬妳其他文章 嘿嘿

      原來是這樣! 難怪文字這麼優美~~~~~~

  2. Splendide colors!
    You look enchanting and I'm so happy you've resumed blogging

    Un gros bisous à toi ;)

    1. Merci pour le compliment, Mira!
      Et un gros bisou à toi aussi <33


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