Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Sparkles

    Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I was busy watching Japanese drama series, the Simpsons holiday specials and a lot of what-nots, but after a bit of soul-searching I've decided to pop up and say hi. Well, hi and have a sparkling Christmas, mes amis!

    最近網誌長草了真是不好意思。近來整個沉迷於日劇跟辛普森一家還有一堆有的沒的,不過聖誕節良心發現了過來跟大家打招呼這樣  XDD  祝大家過個像珠寶一樣閃亮的聖誕節啦!

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  1. 韻好久不見 \(^o^)/


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