Sunday, June 14, 2015

Love, from Covent Garden

London nous aime,
Je te ferai la cour à Covent Garden.
-- Julien Doré "London Nous Aime"

    If you had been following me on Instagram, you might have known that the past week I've been gallivanting about in London. It was for medical work unfortunately, but I managed to squeeze in some "me" time for trips to swanky high teas and museums and gardens. The weather was unusually cold for May, according to the trusty train ticketmaster and the hotel staff, but thank God it was a bright sunny day (albeit sometimes cloudy) when I ventured into the famous Covent Garden, the cultural heartbeat of London.
    有在發嘍我 Instagram 的讀者,大概已經知道我上個禮拜的倫敦之行。很不幸不是渡假而是醫療工作相關,不過還是勉強塞了不少喝下午茶﹑逛博物館﹑遊花園之類的自己的行程 XD  聽可靠(:P)的火車售票員跟酒店員工說,五月尾的那幾天其實是異常的冷。幸好隔天是個大晴天(雖然偶爾多雲),讓我可以帶著愉悅的心情去逛倫敦娛樂文化熱點之一--著名的柯芬園。
    As I lived within walking distance of Covent Garden, after a brief morning symposium I took to strolling down the hotel sidewalk in my boater and vintage green dress. The Covent Garden scene, on account of the lovely weather perhaps, was cheerful and boisterous, with violins and cellos twanging merrily from the piazza below. Every storefront was an attraction by itself, and you can find most of the renowned British brands gathered here in close proximity. After scouring my favourite shops of Accessorize, Monsoon, The Cambridge Satchel Company and Ted Baker (among others, evidently), and rueing the limited capacity of my luggage, I headed homeward with a stop along the lovely Trattoria Verdi for a late lunch (the breaded mushrooms with ricotta and spinach is simply divine!) and, in quintessentially British fashion, a cup of hot Earl Grey to cap a memorable afternoon at Covent Garden.
    因為酒店就在柯芬園附近,早上的座談會結束後我就換上了復古綠洋裝跟草帽步行到柯芬園去了。也許是天氣好的關係,柯芬園顯得生氣勃勃,非常熱鬧,樓下廣場時不時傳來街頭藝人輕快的弦樂演奏。這裡每個店面都是一道風景,而且英國大部分有名的牌子都可以在這裡找到。在逛了一圈喜歡的店(最愛Accessorize﹑Monsoon﹑Ted Baker 跟 The Cambridge Satchel Company 啦),然後默默為行李箱空間有限表示哀怨之後,終於踏上了回程的路。中途在很棒的義大利餐廳 Trattoria Verdi 吃了遲來的午餐(酥炸蘑菇佐菠菜跟瑞可塔起司的開胃菜超級好吃!!),最後,遵循著有名的英國傳統,以一杯熱伯爵茶結束此次在柯芬園渡過的美好下午時光  : )

p/S You can see more of the trip on my Instagram (@bonjourjasmineblog) !
Dress :  Belle & Perle
Shoes :  via Taobao
Hat :  TNC
Bag :  P.S. Besitos
Necklace :  Cor-date


  1. Such beautiful pictures! You're a lovely sight in that green dress <33

  2. 韻美翻了啊!!(☆_☆)

  3. pretty view.. love your dress as well..

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  4. The Moomin shop is one of my favourites


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