Thursday, May 14, 2015

Silver Blue

But you'll be wearing golden wings,
And fall right through the air.
-- Linda Ronstadt "Silver Blue"
    I've lately taken to browsing BHLDN, Anthropologie's sister brand dedicated to wedding paraphernalia. Well, not because I harbour any matrimonial expectations, but that their lookbooks and stylings are always romantic and the photography inspiring. I was considering getting a bangle on sale to pair with my tulle skirts when I remembered I had similar items in my ever-increasing Cor-date stash. These bracelets, with their classic designs and burnished gold tones, are the perfect complements for tulle skirts that are all the rage now. And apologies if my tulle skirt seems a little ruffled in the photos, rushing to and fro the camera between shots while the self-timer was ticking meant I had no time to smooth out the wrinkles!
    最近開始喜歡逛 BHLDN,是 Anthropologie 專賣婚紗相關的姐妹牌。我並沒有結婚的打算啦,只是單純覺得他們的風格浪漫古典,照片也美得讓人啟發靈感。原本之前想趁他們打折時入手搭配紗裙的手鍊,後來想想其實在我日漸壯大的 Cor-date 大軍裡就有現成的啊!這兩條手鍊應該算是基本款,簡單的設計跟仿舊的古金色澤根本是浪漫紗裙的絕配。然後抱歉啊,照片中紗裙看來有點皺,因為要在定時自拍倒數時在相機跟拍攝點間來回,完全沒時間去好好把摺子撫平  : (
    Oh, and many thanks to all who have written to me or left encouraging messages during this difficult time. I am glad I still have this blog to provide some distraction from the hassles and sorrows of reality, I hope you'll find enjoyment in reading the blog as I've found solace in writing it. 
    另外,很感謝這些天來信或留言鼓勵我的大家。其實還有這個部落格來紓解日常的壓力與傷痛,算是小小的安慰吧!寫 blog 時常覺得平靜自在,希望大家在看文時也能覺得放鬆啦。
Top :  LagunaMoon (dress worn as top)
Skirt :  Alexandra Grecco
Shoes :  H&M
Bracelets :  Cor-date (here and here)
Necklace :  Cor-date


  1. Such a pretty outfit! Very adorable.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better. btw that skirt is so dreamy!

  3. I love your style !
    Very vulnerable but sweet :) !
    Just beautiful,

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