Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pour Chloé

Once again the leaves has returned to the trees.
I can just feel that soft summer breeze.

-- The Temptations "It's Summer"


    There you are, a post with L'Eau de Chloé and one of my new dresses from LagunaMoon. Sorry it turns out so faux wedding-y -- when I saw the embroidery on the dress, it seemed to be singing Herr Mendelssohn's Wedding March to me  ;)

    By the way, the weather was quite lovely that day. I'm utterly glad that I took the pictures then because it just wouldn't stop raining since. Oh, and I do realize that the ruby red nails didn't go too well with the styling, but since my only bottle of polish remover was down on its last smelly drops, I could only turn a blind eye and beg you do the same! :P

Dress :  LagunaMoon (via Runway Channel)
Shoes :  2Maa

Bises ♥♥


  1. Simply divine! <33

  2. 韻一樣好甜好美>///<


  3. I really like the romantic feel from your dress and even how you added the delicate headpiece as an accessory. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a good week! xx


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