Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mademoiselle Pearl

You see, those precious teardrops
I left my pearl earrings in your car.

-- Vege "Pearl Earrings"


    I utterly feel that any girl should have a pair of pearl earrings in their coffret, especially at this time when pearls (and large eye-catching ones, mind you) are back in a big way. Yet, without pierced ears, I had a difficult time finding the right ones in clip form. Thankfully, my searching days are over for now. Of course, these ivory spheres from Cor-date are not real pearls, but they do have that lovely creamy sheen and are the perfect size for me. This day I'm channelling a bit of old Hollywood glamour in the comfort of my parents' bathroom, so please forgive that homely mess that you see upon my mum's dresser  ; )

    我由衷覺得女生的珠寶盒中應該要有一副經典的珍珠耳環,尤其是今年珍珠(尤其是大珍珠)在國內外秀場變得超夯。之前我因為沒有耳洞,一直找不到理想中的夾式珍珠耳環。但是我對珍珠耳環的渴望暫時得到緩解啦! XD  這對購自 Cor-date 的大珍珠耳環雖然不是真的珍珠,但是它的米白亮澤真的很誘人,大小也是我的菜  >///<  這天想要走老好萊塢的復古感,然後很懶沒整理洗手台,有點亂請見諒啦! ; )

Skirt :  Snidel
Heels :  Grace Gift
Earrings :  Cor-date
Clutch :  31 sons de mode

    And here's a silly little GIF I made with the extra photos. There isn't a lot, so it's really short LOL! Here's an Instagram selfie of this outfit (here). This is my second attempt at GIFs, the first one (and equally silly) is here if you're interested  ;)

    然後下面是我用多拍的照片弄出來的 GIF,因為照片不多所以超短 XDD  照例來張穿搭的 Instagram 自拍(這裡)。這是我第二次嘗試做 GIF 啊,有興趣的話請點這裡看第一個一樣無聊的 GIF!  :P

Bises! ♥♥


  1. This is sooo old-world gorgeous!!! You're so talented

  2. Replies
    1. 是欣匠耶 >///<
      還沒出發去旅行嗎? :)

  3. Love the GIF
    Saw you on Lookbook, now must get pearl earring too LOL

    1. Welcome to the blog, Anna!
      You can't go wrong with pearls ;)

  4. 這篇太美了!
    請問韻snidel紗裙後面拉鍊的地方是原本有個小開口的嗎?(背面照那張)被生火想找代買了 (☆_☆)

    1. 你是說後面有條黑縫的部分嗎?
      結果我懶得拉完就拍照了 XDD


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