Monday, June 23, 2014

Dewy Beige

    I know this range of lipstick from L'oreal has been on the market for quite some time, but I just wasn't tempted to try it until weeks earlier. I was actually more interested in the purple shade of this Color Riche range, but got waylaid and ended up with this pink-with-a-bit-of-peach shade instead.

    我知道萊雅的這系列精油唇膏已經上市一段時間了,可是直到兩週前我根本連試色都興趣缺缺(邀稿文太多,莫名的滅火  囧>)。只是某天突然在屈臣氏瞄到一個看起來很有趣的紫色,結果玩了一下就移情別戀,把另一隻粉紅帶點蜜桃色的唇膏給帶回家了 XDD

     I got this in BP402 Dewy Beige, which on me is a soft peachy pink (I have rather red lips usually, you can see that here). The photos above were taken under quite sunny conditions, and you can see there's a clearer hint of peach in the pink when there's sunlight.

    我拿的色號是BP402 Dewy Beige,我用起來覺得是很溫柔印象的蜜桃粉色(我本身是紅唇人,素唇請點這裡 >.<) 上面幾張照片都是在陽光直照的光線下拍的,所以照片有點偏黃,不過可以看的出在陽光下這隻的蜜桃色調會更明顯。

   These photos were taken when the weather turned cloudy, which is a bit more true to the actual colour. It is really a rather sweet pink that is on the warm side, I don't know about you but I think the colour looks quite tasty  LOL  The coverage is alright, the colour shows on my lips quite well but I suspect it would look perhaps paler on someone with pale lips.

    上面這些照片則是天氣轉陰的時候拍的,我覺得比較接近實色。總之,這色應該算是有點暖調的甜美粉紅 ... 然後不知道為什麼我覺得這個粉色看起來很可口  XDD  遮唇色的部分我覺得還ok啦~至少在我的紅唇上那粉色調還是有顯出來,雖然我猜想唇色淺的人用起來可能顏色會更淡些  : P

    I like the packaging actually, the gold case feels a bit luxe and there's this little window that shows the lipstick shade without having to read the label (though some of the windows are a bit inaccurate). The formula is my cup of tea as well, as it feels quite moisturing without being sticky. It also gives a bit of shine, though unfortunately it doesn't really help disguise my lip lines, which I'm sorry to say are quite numerous  LOL  I find this lipstick quite lasting, so all in all I think this is something I'll repurchase (if only for that nice purple that's still lurking in my mind)!

    包裝其實我蠻喜歡的,黃金色的外包裝有點奢華感,然後有個小小窗口可以看色號(雖然有些色號的窗口不太準,比如偏紫色的『玫瑰花苞』的窗口是深紅色的   囧>)。這隻的質地算是我的菜啦,屬於滋潤但不黏膩的類型。有一點光澤感,不過對於我的乾唇沒太大幫助,遮不住我數不盡的唇紋啊  T_T(好啦~其實我事前也沒在保養啦 XD) 另外,這隻的持久度我也覺得不錯,所以我想我大概會回購吧(其實只想帶回還是忘不了的紫色那隻  >///<)!

    As usual, I'm ending the post with a medley of Instagram pics (@bonjourjasmineblog), blue-themed like my eyeshadow this time, haha!

    照例來個Instagram照片(帳號 bonjourjasmineblog)的拼圖當結尾,這次主題是藍色(好啦~有些沒有 XD),就像今天用的眼影啦!



  1. Try the purple one! It should be fun ;)

    1. Haha, in the end I got myself another dark purple from Essence!
      I can't wait to try them on ; )


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