Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pastels and Denim

Mais où sont-elles, les couleurs pastelles,
dans ce navrant cocktail de béton et de métal ?

-- Casey "Premier Rugissement"


    Pastels and denim may sound a tad appalling (perhaps because unsettling images of girly cowboys come to mind), but sometimes with a bit of luck and the right shades, they just may work.

    In other news, I am lovin' eye-catching hair accessories in the summer, be it a hairband chock full of golden glitter that blinds the eyes, or a big blue bow that looks raided from a life-sized doll! ;))  

Dress :  Cecil McBee
Sneakers :  Muu Muu
Hair bow :  Lowrys Farm

Bises! ♥♥


  1. Your style is so sweet and lovely! I have just stumbled across your lovely blog a little bit by accident, and its beautiful!!!xxx

    1. Thank you, dear!!! I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Hi! I really love your blog. :) It's so vintage and girly.

    xoxo Marj


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