Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On a Lazy Sunday

How much is that doggie in the window (arf, arf)
The one with the waggley tail.

-- Patti Page "Doggy in the Window"

Tomato and mixed green salad with vinaigrette

Poulet cordon bleu


    One of my favourite pastimes is to comb the unknown alleyways of Taipei for secluded little cafés in which to spend a quiet off day. The Café Parisienne is a tiny gem located within walking distance of my alma mater in Gongguan District.

    Sure the place is really rather small, but I did have the loveliest time sipping Mariage Frères in dainty cups, traipsing around with the camera locked obstinately in my hands, and running my fingers through the soft wriggling warmth of ol' Lucky the dog.

    If you are ever in the vicinity, and time is plentiful, a drop-by would certainly be rewarded with quietly joyful moments, in spades.

Mariage Frères thé Wedding Impérial

Vernis :  all by Etude House

Bises! ♥♥


  1. Pinky,

    1. 哈哈~我也在為這個苦惱 ^^"
      因為想偷懶,所以先在旁邊加了google translate(雖然翻出來的有時候很好笑 XDD)

  2. gorgeous photos with lovely vintage shades! really love your blog and lookbook outfits! can't believe you're a doctor the way you dress, your patients would be so happy! i'm going to be a medical student this year and you are my inspiration :)

    1. Thank you, dear!! I usually dress less conspicuously in the hospital though, haha :) Best of luck to you in your studies btw!!

  3. hello, i realy love the feeling of your blog. This article is realy funny to see.. the place " café au parisienne" have a BIG french spelling mistake... it should be wrote " café à la parisienne " ou "café aux parisiennes" :)

    Bises from a Parisien Fashion Photographer ♥

    1. Hi!! I'm glad you like my blog <3

      I was amused at first by the mistake too, but then I have seen a lot of such basic errors in Taipei, I guess I just got used to it eventually, haha :)


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