Monday, December 24, 2018

Reindeer Tales

In the deepest woods and fern,
Young deer step light through morning's mist.

-- Jon Anderson "Days"


    It is with a slightly sheepish conscience that I return here, three months of blog inactivity on the grounds of nothing but pure procrastination would do that to you ; )  Anyway, near the end of November I was productive for once, and did 3 photoshoots in 2 days, making the most out of a sunny weekend. This is one of them, as weeks ago I received in my Taobao haul this reindeer-adorned beret which is literally the cutest thing and I just simply had to shoot a nice little Mori-girl piece with it. The beret itself surpasses my (admittedly not very high) expectations, for its low price it's really quite well-made (though I wish the floral appliqués were a bit less frayed at the edges). I know I got caught in the branches quite frequently during the shoot and sometimes the antlers of the deer got entangled in the foliage, but at the end of the day not a single blossom on the hat fell off and the reindeer head remained intact too (not what I expected from a RMB50 product from Taobao anyway). 

    回到這裡真是感到有點慚愧,部落格荒廢了三個月完全沒有新文 XDD  不過接近11月尾的時候我難得努力了一把,趁著天氣好的周末把閒置已久的相機拿出來拍了三套穿搭。這是其中一套啦,那時收到淘寶戰利品不久,當中包含這頂麋鹿綴飾的浮誇貝雷帽。一看到實品我就覺得我要拍一套森系風照片 : P  這頂貝雷帽老實說比我預期的好,以它的價錢來說算是質感不錯(雖然布花近看線頭略多)。拍這套的時候我一直被樹枝勾到,帽子上的鹿角也一直被枝葉纏上,但是拍完帽子上的布花沒掉,鹿頭也完好無損(大概是我期待值太低了,一直覺得RMB50的淘寶貨用一用扯一扯就會散掉 XD)。

Beret, dress and butterfly necklace :  all from Taobao
Bag :  P.S. Besitos

 Bises, et Joyeux Noël 


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