Sunday, May 27, 2018

Grey Swan

As he looked on the lake, a swan glided by,
And the sun slowly sank in the grey of the sky.

-- Peter, Paul and Mary "Polly Von"


    As the warmer seasons step forth, so does the blissful chiming of wedding bells beckon. I used to prefer floral prints and lots of lace for wedding party attire, but lately (perhaps an obscure sign of age) I'm more into solid colour with a bit of romantic detail. This dress does fit the bill on both counts, but sadly it's not as dreamy as advertised. Perhaps it was the photo filters on the retail site that render the faults imperceptible, but frankly this dress has the most obstinately wrinkly material I've ever come across. I do love the colour and the cold shoulder styling with its lace adornments, but the bumpy lace along with the wrinkles that cannot be tamed by repeated sessions of diligent ironing really spoil the party. I guess I'd still wear this to parties anyway, but just between us I would not recommend getting it if you, like me, are susceptible to internet celebrity hype.

    By the way, I used "Grey Swan" as the title alluding to the colour of the dress and the pendant I had on. The term "grey swan" has another usage though, it implies a known but rare, even unlikely, event normally used in financial lexicon. Just a sidenote ; )

    春暖花開的季節,意味著收紅色炸彈的日子又到了(泣)。以往參加婚禮都比較喜歡穿有印花圖案或很多蕾絲的洋裝,但最近心境老了XD  比較想找純色洋裝,卻又希望有點細節。這件洋裝倒是兩樣都符合了,只可惜網美照片跟實品還是有差距的。可能是賣場照片的濾鏡把缺點都修沒了,但是這件的布料真是我遇上史上最難熨平的 囧>。我是滿喜歡這件的顏色跟蕾絲點綴一字領的設計,可是那個熨不平整的蕾絲跟布料真的很扣分。雖然我應該還是會穿去參加婚禮,但如果你也跟我一樣容易被網美迷惑,這件我真的不太建議入手啦 ^^"

    話說,這次標題用 "Grey Swan" 是因為洋裝的顏色跟項鍊吊墜的緣故(抱歉黔驢技窮想不出創意一點的標題 XD),但是英文裡 grey swan有另一個含義喔。指的是已知可能發生但實際上不太會發生的事件,一般用於經濟領域。題外話小聊一下 : P

Dress :  大喜自製 (here)
Shoes :  Vincci
Earrings :  Cor-date
Nails :  Sweet x Snidel

Bises! ♥

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