Monday, April 23, 2018

A Thousand Paper Cranes

Keep this paper crane, one of a thousand. 
There never was a guilt to burden myself.

-- Heaven Shall Burn "Passage of the Crane"


    Lately, I've been rather drawn to earrings with a childish quirk, and this pair of green origami cranes was one of my recent finds. Despite its utterly low price, I find the earrings reasonably well-made in terms of sturdiness and comfort. I paired these with a cheongsam adorned with painted birds and blossoms for a photoshoot with a decidedly oriental flavour. Of this cheongsam, I received many compliments when I posted this photo on my Instagram during the Lunar New Year, and also many requests for the link to this dress. However ethereal it looked in the photo, I must say I don't really recommend it. While I love the bell sleeves and the lightness of the printed pale blue chiffon (which the website showed inaccurately as more like a bluish white), there are some serious issues with the sizing. This cheongsam is really, really short, and the S size is really, really tiny. I'm a legit hobbit at around 150cm, and this dress is halfway up my thigh, with the lining about 2-3 inches shorter (much shorter than what the website's photos implied). It makes for a really awkward length to be honest, and I had to wear a satin underdress with a ruffled hem with this on Lunar New Year for the length to look respectable enough for the family.

    p/S  Sorry for the lack of detailed shots of the earrings, I took these photos myself with a self-timer and it was difficult to focus on such a tiny thing that keeps swaying! LOL

    最近突然很愛帶有童趣風的耳環,而這對綠色千紙鶴耳環就是我最近的淘寶戰利品之一。雖然超便宜但是我覺得質感還不錯啦,我本身沒有耳洞所以買耳夾款,因為紙鶴是塑料的很輕所以戴起來沒什麼負擔感。這次搭了前幾個月入手的花鳥印花雪紡旗袍,想來個東方風的主題拍攝 (*´艸`*) 關於這件旗袍,其實是因為新年的時候我在ig放了這張照跟實穿的限時動態,很受好評之餘也收到很多求旗袍連結的私信(到最近還有人在問 XD ), 但是這件旗袍真是太一言難盡了,覺得需要寫一下來警世(喂)。首先,我是滿喜歡這件旗袍的材質的,淡藍色的花鳥印花雪紡配上五分長的水袖看起來有點仙卻又不會over到像是從古裝戲棚走出來的(官網的實穿照看起來像偏藍的白色不太準,實品是淡藍色的)。可是!這件的size跟設計有極大的問題!這件的長度非常非常短,S號也真的非常非常小件。我是個150/38的純正哈比,但是這件旗袍的長度只到我大腿的一半,然後會透出來的內裡又比全場短了2-3吋(這跟官網實穿照也有出入)。這個長度真的是很尷尬,完全就是上半身是仙女下半身是車展女模的即視感 囧>  過年時穿這件我是自己再加了一件有緞面下擺的淡藍色內搭裙才讓這件衣服的長度過了長輩那關的 XD

    p/S 抱歉耳環實戴照比較少,因為我是用三角架定時自拍的,這副耳環又太輕一直搖晃超難對焦,我真的盡力啦~(攤手)

Cheongsam :  Dreamscape
Shoes :  DashleyT
Earrings :  via 淘寶 (here)

Bises! ♥♥

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