Friday, December 23, 2016

The Lady in Red

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek,
There's nobody here, it's just you and me.

-- Chris de Burgh "The Lady in Red"

    Lately I've rekindled some love for Tonymoly, a Korean cosmetics brand with budget-friendly pricepoints. There used to be a Tonymoly store right opposite National Taiwan University when I was still studying there, but not once did I enter and look then, haha! Recently I've read some positive reviews about their products and decided to try out some. One of them is this Tonymoly Kiss Lover Style M lipstick in RD03 (the M implies a more matte finish, and there's another S series which is more shimmery). This red shade was touted by online bloggers as a close dupe to MAC Chili, but I think the latter is more bright and orange-y. This Tonymoly one, on the other hand, is a bright red with just a tinge of orange, and when applied thickly like I did it came off as just a classic red that is flattering on all skintones.

    最近好像又重拾一點對韓國平價彩妝Tonymoly的愛了 >///<  以前在台大念書時其實對面就有一間店的,時候根沒踏去過 XDD  不過最為看到一些對岸的微博主推薦他們家幾樣產品就好奇買來試試了。其中最熱門的品項之一就是今天介紹的這款 Tonymoly Kiss Lover Style M系列唇膏(M表示偏霧面質地,這款還有另一個S系列就是水亮質地的)。這系列的RD03號稱是很接近MAC Chili的色號,不過我覺得MAC的比較亮比較橘一些。而這支M RD03比較是帶一滴滴橘的正紅,像我那樣厚擦的話會顯得更深更紅一些,但是這個紅感覺滿顯白的。 

    As I vowed to use this rather blah Maybelline palette more often in my last makeup post, here I am using it again for this old staple brown-toned look.

    1. Sweep A across entire eyelid as a base.
    2. Apply B within the crease line and blend in the edges with a crease brush.
    3. Apply a bit of C at the outer 1/3 of the eye and pat on a little B and blend.
    4. Apply C at the outer 1/3 of lower lash line with a liner brush and slightly smudge.
    5. Line the upper lash line with gel eye liner, finishing with a wing.
    6. Line the outer 2/3 of lower lash line as well.
    7. Apply mascara and voila!


    1. A掃過當打底。
    2. 在眼摺內擦上B,在將邊緣用刷子好好暈開。
    3. 在上眼皮外1/3處疊上C,再派上一點B混合暈染。
    4. 將C用眼線刷畫在下眼線外1/3處,並稍稍暈開。
    5. 用眼線膏在上眼皮畫上上揚眼線。
    6. 下眼線外2/3也一併用眼線膏畫上眼線。
    7. 最後擦個睫毛膏完成眼妝。

    The colour payoff of this lipstick is quite good, but to attain that saturated red shade a thick application is essential. And do keep in mind to use a lip brush for that, as a messy application of such a bright shade might render you a clownface if you're not careful. As you can see, though it implies a matte finish, it's not the kind of absolute-matte-to-the-point-of-dry finish you get with a lot of US brands. There's a nice bit of gloss to it, and I really do like this kind of semi-matte look. 

    唇膏的話這支顯色度蠻好的,但是要達到飽和的正紅必須要厚擦。這支厚擦絕對要用唇刷,不然會邊緣不夠整齊看起來超~像~石榴姊的 T__T   可以看到他雖然標榜M是霧面但其實不是歐美很霧很乾的那種,還是會一點點一點點的光澤。總的來說這種半霧面的唇妝質感我還蠻喜歡的 <33

    ( I hardly used photo filters this time, just a bit of tweaking with brightness and contrast)   

    Oh, and sorry for the sullen face overload  :P  This shade of red is kind of empowering so I got carried away with the femme fatale impersonation, haha!  I guess it would be a bit too much for a friendly neighbourhood Christmas gathering, so I'm going back to earth tones probably.   


    不好意思啦臭臉有點多 orz ...因為這個紅色真的滿霸氣的不知不覺就惡女上身了 XDD  聖誕節這個妝好像很有事,我還是回到我的低調土色系好了 :P  

    As usual, I'm ending the post with a medley of Instagram pics ( @bonjourjasmineblog ), I'm into clean tones lately :P

    照例來個Instagram照片的拼圖當結尾(帳號 @bonjourjasmineblog),最近好像走較乾淨的色調哈哈  :P



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