Sunday, October 23, 2016

Love in the Moonlight

Magic is the moonlight,
On this lover's dream night.

-- Esquivel "Other Worlds, Other Sounds"

    Ciao again! Today I'm going to emulate the look of Kim Yoo-jung in the dance scene of the Korean drama series "Love in the Moonlight". To be honest I didn't watch it, someone commented on my last makeup post and said it looks a bit like the look on Kim in the series, so I was a bit piqued. I Googled it up and the look was so romantic I simply had to try it  : P

    耍廢了一個禮拜終於趕在上班前生出新文 orz  今天想要仿韓劇「雲畫的月光」裡面金裕貞跳舞場景的眼妝。其實我沒看這劇,因為上一個玫瑰色妝容有女生推文說有點像雲畫的妝所以我就好奇了 XDD  然後搜尋了一下,啊啊畫面太浪漫啦整個變得躍躍欲試  : P

(photo credit :  MEPSI)

    As I didn't watch the series, I simply Googled some screenshots of the dance scene for reference. Perhaps it was the low light on the spot that makes Kim's eye makeup look pretty light-handed, but when you increase the brightness of the screenshot you can see that some deep shades were used to emphasize and elongate the eyes.


    I'm using my BH Cosmetics 120 Colours Palette and a matte cookie brown eyeshadow from Tonymoly. The colours used are as shown and numbered alphabetically.

    這次用了超方便的BH Cosmetics 120色眼影盤跟一顆Tonymoly的橘棕色霧面眼影。有用到的顏色都有用字母標示起來了。

1. Sweep A across the lids and apply B within the crease.
2. Apply C on the inner corners of the eyes.
3. Apply C n the outer corners of the eyes, dabbing on repeatedly to get the desired effect.
4. Brush on D on the center area and blend.
5. Apply A on the lower lids, and blend with C at the outer corners.

1. 用A上在整個眼窩,然後B打在眼摺範圍內。
2. C輕輕刷在上眼皮的眼頭處,不用刷太深。
3. 用扁刷在眼尾 ">" 部位打上C,反覆疊擦達到想要的深度。
4. 在上眼皮中間部分刷上D並且暈開色塊交界處。
5. 在下眼皮刷上A強調臥蠶,並且跟眼尾處的C融合暈開。

    Up until now we've accomplished Kim's everyday look in the drama series, basically an orange-y brown look. The dance scene, however, involves using eyeliner to elongate the eyes.


6. Using a black gel liner, line the upper eyelids and extend it at the end about 4mm beyond the outer corners.
7. Similarly, line the outer 1/3 of the lower eyelids.
8. Use E to lightly blend the extended part with the brown shade.
9. Apply mascara and voila!

6. 用黑色眼線膏畫上眼線,在眼尾處往外拉長大概4mm左右。
7. 同樣用眼線膏畫下眼線,範圍是眼尾1/3左右。
8. 用E輕輕將橘棕色部分跟黑色眼線部分稍微暈開。
9. 上個睫毛膏眼妝就完成啦!

    The completed eye makeup looks somewhat like this. And here's a warning, I'm going full-on pretentious in the photos below, complete with purple veil and butterflies and all  : P

    完成的眼妝大概長這樣,眼睛條件不夠好不像請別見怪 <(_ _)>  然後下面有拿紫色面紗自嗨的瘋子 ...大家現在逃還來得及 XDDD

    Well, that's all for this time! I think the key to Kim Yoo-jung's look is her smiling eyes though, you can't fail with that kind of eyes really (bawls).  Anyway, this is another shift duty day for me, so I would be a wee bit late to reply if you have any questions or comments  ; )

    嗨完真開心(喂)  這次仿妝就到這邊啦,覺得金裕貞的眼妝重點是臥蠶,只要臥蠶大感覺眼睛就很好看啊  T__T  然後今天還是個要去值班的早晨 ...所以回覆什麼的會慢一些喔 >.<

    As usual, I'm ending the post with a medley of Instagram pics ( @bonjourjasmineblog ), naturally it's been dominated by fall colours these days   ; )

    照例來個最近的Instagram照片的拼圖當結尾(帳號 @bonjourjasmineblog),現在po的默默都變成沉穩的秋冬色系了 XD



  1. Soo ethereal! Luv the touch of butterflies <3


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