Monday, September 28, 2015

Under the Azaleas

When the white azaleas start blooming,
I'll come back to you.
-- Bing Crosby "When the White Azaleas Start Blooming"

    I bought this purple Modcloth dress on a whim around a year ago, the tempation of its cut-down price overriding all considerations of practicality in my simple mind. When the dress arrived, I was perfectly satisfied with it -- the length and fit hardly needed any alterations and the quality was good, the only problem was getting an occasion to flaunt it. When the itinerary of my England trip was settled, I thought to myself, "Well, this dress hardly ever got out of the closet anyway, I'm going to find a garden and shoot to my heart's content with it!" I did not expect it then, but when I saw the Rhododendron Walk of the Hever Gardens on my first day at Hever Castle, I felt it was the most perfect scene for this dress. The rows upon rows of pink and purple azaleas in full bloom, the sculpted stairways buried in fallen flowers, the soft morning light peeking through the rustling pines in a distance -- it felt almost like a fairytale.

(p/S  I've received some mail enquiring about the photographer and the fees of this shoot, just to be clear, these photos were taken by yours truly with a tripod and the timer setting, there were no others involved  ; ) )

    大約一年前我在Modcloth網站上一時衝動入手了這件紫色長洋裝,當時五折折數誘惑太大導致理智自主忽略實穿性的問題  XD  收到洋裝的時候其實是很滿意的,長度腰身什麼幾乎不用修改,質感也好,就是穿不出去啊啊啊(抱頭)。這次英國行的行程確定後,我就在想"反正這件大概也沒什麼機會出櫃了(誤),不如在英國的時候找個花園幫它拍個過癮!"當時沒有料到,但是在赫弗城堡的第一天看到花園裡的杜鵑花道時,就覺得根本是拍這件洋裝的最佳風景啊。兩旁一排排盛開的粉紅粉紫杜鵑花樹,埋在落花下的雕花石階,遠處沙沙作響的松樹中透進來的溫柔晨光 -- 就像置身久遠的童話一樣美好。

(p/S 昨天收到了詢問攝影師及拍攝價格的信件 XD 再次說明一下,照片都是用腳架自拍的喔,沒有攝影師哈哈)
Dress :  Modcloth
Shoes :  here
Floral crown :  AmoreBride (via Etsy)
Bracelets :  Cor-date


  1. C'est magnifique! Your photos and blog are truly inspiring <33

    Bisous, xx

  2. 韻的拍照技術真是太強拉!
    而且景也好美喔~完全像一幅畫 (☆_☆)

  3. gorgeous <33
    you def. look like those princesses from fairytale :))

    cheer, michelle ~


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