Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wine Lady

Yeah I love that Sangria wine,
Just like I love old friends of mine.

-- Jerry Jeff Walker "Sangria Wine"


    Lately I've been watching (and rewatching despite knowing the outcome from the very start) the Japanese reproduction of Agatha Christie's masterpiece "Murder on the Orient Express", and I was immediately drawn to the elegant 20s' attire in the film ... wide lapel coats, long skirts, cloche hats and bowlers, capital! This wine-hued coat, alongside a skirt of decent length and a sprinkling of vintage jewelry from Cor-date had me channeling my inner Working Girl, hey even a hobbit can dream of 20s glamour sometimes!

    最近一直在看(即使一開始就知道結尾)日本翻拍的 Agatha Christie 名作『東方快車殺人事件』,結果被裡面呈現的 20年代的優雅著裝給吸引住了 ... 大翻領外套、長裙、鐘形帽跟圓帽等等,很迷人!這次用入手不久的酒紅復古大衣,過膝長裙跟一些 Cor-date 的復古風飾品來偷學一下,哈比人也可以偶而做個華麗 20年代的美夢啊! >///<

Coat :  from Sheinside
Skirt :  Lacegirl (from Taobao.com)
Shoes :  Summit
Bag :  Coach
Jewelry :  all Cor-date



  1. gorgeous outfit <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. only the most beautiful are meant for a perfect beauty like you! dark green maxi dress uk


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