Friday, December 5, 2014

The Reds and The Browns

The falling leaves drift by the window,
The autumn leaves of red and gold.

-- Red Garland "Autumn Leaves"

    I know I've been missing throughout November, and well, I believe such disappearances are apt to become more frequent in the coming months as I prepare for presentations and exams. One reason I've prepared quite a lengthy post (as opposed to OoTDs) today. I took two afternoons shooting as the light was really inconsistent and I gave up halfway.

    哈哈~我知道我整個十一月都失蹤了 :P  而且我有預感在接下來幾個月這種情況會繼續發生,因為要準備一堆報告跟考試 orz  所以今天寫了篇比較長的穿搭教學文。然後因為光線時好時壞的關係被迫中途放棄,結果花了兩個下午才拍完。

    Perhaps I've mentioned this before, but one of my favourite articles in Japanese fashion magazines involve using an X number of items to create a Y number of outfits. This time, I'm using 8 basic items to create 15 fall outfits, and to achieve a more cohesive feel, I've limited the colour scheme to just warm colours -- mainly reds and browns.

    我應該有在其他文中提過,日文雜誌中最喜歡的單元是那種用 X件單品搭出 Y個穿搭的企劃。這次,我還是用了我的老梗 8件單品 x 15天穿搭,然後為了讓穿搭比較有主題性,這次的單品限定暖色調 -- 紅色、大地色為主。

From left :  A. Leopard print cardigan from Miruru;  B. 2-way cotton blouse from Jeanasis;  C. Black skinny pants from TwoTwo;  D. Beige trench coat from NET

左起 :  A. Miruru 豹紋開衫外套;  B. Jeanasis 2-way白色棉麻上衣;  C. TwoTwo 黑色合身長褲;  D. NET米色風衣

From left :  E. Burgundy maxi skirt from;  F. Caramel skirt from Lowrys Farm;  G. Cherry print dress from;  H. Red woollen dress from

左起 :  E. 淘寶酒紅雪紡長裙;  F. Lowrys Farm 焦糖色圓裙;  G. 櫻桃扣印花洋裝;  H. 紅色毛呢洋裝

    As I planned for this post in mid-November, when it was still occasionally hot, some of the outfits are not really that warm to suit the usual cold fall/winter weather.

    呃 ... 因為我是早在11月中的時候就計劃寫這篇穿搭,當時的天氣還是時冷時熱的,所以加入少部分適合暖和天氣的穿搭這樣  XD

B + E

Bootees :
Bag :  AKIRA (via ShopAKIRA)
Bracelet :  Zawadi

A + B + C

Shoes :  bought in Ximen District
Hat :  thrifted

B + D + E

Shoes :  Summit
Bag :  Coach


Bag :  Coach
Hat :  TNC

D + H

Shoes :  DashleyT (here)
Bag :  Vincci

A + B + E

Hat :

B + C

Boots :  PureChara
Hat :  thrifted

A + H

Bootees :
Clutch :  Vincci
Hat :

B + D + F

Bag :  Coach
Scarf :  thrifted

G + D

Shoes :  DashleyT (here)
Beret :  NET

B + H

Hat :  thrifted

B + D +C

Shoes :  bought in Ximen District
Cap :  Kircilar-Mondial (borrowed from Dad)
Bag :  Coach

A + B + F

Shoes :  DashleyT (here)

G + E

Flower clips :  from Beautymol (here)

E + F

Shoes :  bought in Ximen District
Earrings :  Cor-date
Clutch :  Glomesh

* * *

That's that, then!
One last photo of some accessories used  ; )

來個最後一張使用的部分配件細節照  ; )

Basic shoes for this season, well, frankly, these can be worn every season  : P

本季愛用的基本鞋子們,不過感覺每一季都可以穿啦  : P

    As usual, I'm ending the Style Guide post with a colour-coordinated medley of my Instagram posts. You can join me @ bonjourjasmineblog if you like!

    照例用同色調的 Instagram 照片來結束穿搭教學文! XD  大家可以來我的 IG (bonjourjasmineblog) 找我聊天噢!:)

Bises! ♥♥


  1. lovely shots! <33
    adore all the looks you have here :))

    cheer, michelle ~

    1. Thank you, Michelle! You always leave such encouraging words <33

  2. Love every look here!
    Thank you for the inspiration :)


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