Friday, October 24, 2014


Lavender dreams dilly, dilly lavender true
When you miss me dilly dilly, I did miss you.

-- Marillion "Lavender"


    During the summer, I was inexplicably obssessed with asymmetric designs, one-shoulder dresses in particular. At the time I was searching for a simple white bridesmaid dress and came across this one-piece by Jessica Wright at ASOS' summer sale. The design is simple -- no lace or frills, yet sufficiently chic and romantic with ruched details and glitter material.

    今年夏天莫名的迷上了不對稱設計,尤其是單肩洋裝 >///<  剛好當時在物色簡單的白色伴娘洋裝,在 ASOS 的夏季特價中入手了了這件 Jessica Wright 的單肩洋裝。非常簡單的設計 -- 沒有複雜的蕾絲或花邊,卻因為俐落的單肩剪裁顯得時尚,同時因為金蔥的布料跟下半身抓皺的垂墜設計而在俐落中增添了些許浪漫。

Dress :  Jessica Wright (via ASOS)
Shoes :  Emilio Valentino
Bracelets :  Cor-date
Earrings :  Cor-date



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