Sunday, August 10, 2014


A gypsy of a strange and distant time,
Travelling in panic all direction blind.

-- Moody Blues "Gypsy"


    Recently while tidying up some old copies of GLA magazine, I came across a very befringed editorial with the gypset theme that is rather en vogue right now. Gypset, conveniently the amalgamation of "gypsy" and "jet-set", is the embodiment of gypsy free-spiritedness by glamorous young wanderers. Think Free People bohemianism but more luxurious, perhaps draped in exotic prints, paisley wraps or fringed tunics and dripping in glorious ethnic jewellery. I couldn't resist the romance of the concept and decided to try it out with some ethnic print shawls culled from a Malaysian market and an army of green and gold Cor-date jewellery. Vive la vie bohème!

    最近在收拾一些舊的 GLA 雜誌時,偶然看見一篇充滿流蘇的拍攝單元,是以目前時尚界頗夯的 Gypset 概念為主題的穿搭集。Gypset 其實是英文字 "gypsy" 跟 "jet-set" 的合體,意味著奢華時尚的新一代旅人展現出的自由不拘的吉普賽精神。可以想像成 Free People 的波希米亞風,但是更加奢華,也許身著異國風情的印花衣物、佩斯利花紋的披肩抑或是掛著搖曳流蘇的罩衫,穿戴著各式閃亮的民族風首飾。想當然爾,最愛各種浪漫元素的我也忍不住想嘗試,搬出之前在馬來西亞市集挖到的民族風印花披肩,還有一堆 Cor-date 的金綠色閃亮亮飾品來體會一下 gypset 自由奢華的時尚精神。Vive la vie bohème

Dress :
Shoes :  Vincci
Clutch :  Glomesh
Bracelets :  Cor-date, Forever 21, Zawadi
Earrings :  Cor-date
Vernis :  Chanel 531 Peridot



  1. Amazing photos! And I love all the beautiful details of your outfit <33

    1. Thank you, dear! Glad you like this outfit :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Anastasia! I'm a hopeless jewellery addict ;)

  3. love the last outfit because of the amazing skirt. your rings are awesome too I like to combine jewellery too.

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