Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Blossom Fell

A blossom fell from off a tree,
It settled softly on the lips you turned to me.

-- Nat King Cole "A Blossom Fell"


    The bourgainvillea in my garden has finally blossomed after years of sparse flowering. Despite the sweltering heat, I took my new shoes and bag out for a little colour-coordinated(and awfully sweating) photoshoot. I simply adore the vivid hues of fuchsia from the shoes and bag against a backdrop of cascading pink and white blossoms. And I finally tried using a lens hood today and I must admit it makes taking outdoor pics on a super sunny day like this much easier. Now I can't wait for the next outdoor shoot, hah!

    家裡的九重葛經過多年稀稀落落的花開後,今年夏天終於比較稱得上盛開了。於是,即便天氣熱得快融化,還是搬出了新鞋跟包包揮著汗立腳架拍穿搭  XDD  我喜歡包包跟鞋子鮮艷的桃紅色,與背後粉紫交錯的繁花相映成趣的畫面。然後今天陽光太強,終於認命的啟用了買很久卻沒用過的遮光罩,發現原來大晴天用遮光罩真的好拍多了(好吧~是我太懶一直不想裝這東西  >_<)。現在已經迫不及待要來下一次外(出自)拍啦! :P

Dress :  Cecil McBee
Shoes :  Vincci
Bag :  Koexy
Ring :  Cor-date



  1. I always love your pictures. So beautiful and atmospheric - one can almost smell the flowers *sigh*

  2. This is so lovely! Love everything -- the bag, the shoes, the dress <33


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