Sunday, September 22, 2013

Glitter and Gold

 All that glitter and all them gold
Won't buy you happy when you've been bought and sold

 -- Rebecca Ferguson "Glitter and Gold" 
    I must have mentioned it a thousand times, but I just looove the combination of green and gold. And no, I don't have an underlying obsession for leprechauns or the Green Bay Packers, thank you very much. I got this LagunaMoon embroidered romper during Runway Channel's annual sale last month, and seriously it just screams "Music Festival!" to me with all those glitters and patterns and the unmistakable boho vibe. Coachella, anyone?
    雖然已經提過很多次,但是我真的好愛好愛好愛『綠x金』的配色!這一次日本折扣季在Runway Channel入手了超夢幻的藍綠色刺繡連身褲,配上金色小物完全可以去夏日音樂祭狂歡啊啊啊!其實搭個淺褐色的流蘇包應該會更有波西米亞的 vibe,巴特!我就是想要金光閃閃啦(扭)~~XDDD 
Romper :  LagunaMoon (via Runway Channel)
Shoes : Anne's
Clutch :  borrowed from Mum
Ring :  House of Harlow 1960


  1. You look beyond beautiful. That mint gown is gorgeous!

  2. Mint green and gold can be so beautiful! And you can really pull it off :-)


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