Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Luncheon at M Café

Don't ask 'em to dinner or breakfast or brunch
'Cause girls, they wanna have lunch.
-- Weird Al Yankovic "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch"
    During the days when I lived near Ximen District, a perfect weekend morning would be summarised as such :  grocery shopping at the gourmet supermarket in Fe21, followed by a huge lunch at M Café Dolci & Trattoria on the way home, occasionally making a stop at a nearby bookstore to pore over the latest fashion magazines. 
    M Café 's menu features mainly Italian dishes, and is changed regularly depending on the season. The food, well, it always leaves me scraping the bottom of the plate despite an overstuffed belly on the verge of bursting.
    Oftentimes, after a meal, I would simply linger a little longer, lazing on my padded seat while soaking in the afternoon sun, daydreaming a little perhaps, and wishing for just one more sip of the famous truffle mushroom soup.
 Creamy mushroom soup with truffles
* Deep-fried soft-shelled crab
 Angel hair pasta with Parma ham and shrimp
 Mont Blanc aux marrons
Bises! ♥♥


  1. look so delicious. love your photography skill as well. keke

  2. 餐廳跟食物看起來好棒


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