Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Season of Floral Obsession

    I bought this pair of lovely floral heels last year from Forever 21. Now I realize I have never done a single outfit post in it! In a sense, this is a warning post, just so you can watch out for another "romantic and floral" outfit post coming, in case you are already sick of it  :)

    In other news, I received a jaw-droppingly beautiful (and romantic, mind) necklace from Romwe this morning. I think I am already transported to the grandeur of ancient medieval courts just by gazing at it. I am also currently attempting to use Tenso (a Japanese webstore forwarding service) to procure "more" romantic clothes, I guess I do have an addiction issue going on.

Heels :  Forever 21
Dress :  gift from sister

Bises! ♥♥



  1. love the shoes!! how come you haven't wear it? excited to see you wearing those stunning shoes !! :)

    1. I guess I was saving it for a nice outfit and then completely forgot about it in the end! LOL


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