Saturday, August 4, 2012

Somethin' Peachy

If I had my little way I'd eat peaches everyday,
Sun soakin bulges in the shade.

-- Presidents of the USA "Peaches"


    Remember I told you in my last post that I finally bought that Chloé fragrance? In actual fact, I got another one long before it ... on my T-shirt, haha! See, I do wear perfume, don't I?

    Regarding the outfit, no, nothing romantic today  ;)  And I'd be ever so pleased if you would pretend not to see the horrendous dark roots of my hair. I tried to colour them using bubble foam yesterday, though in my hurry to get the job done and watch TV, I did not apply them thoroughly enough and now my hair is an unfortunate mix of brown, dark brown and burnt orange strands (sob).

    Have a nice weekend, darlings! I'd be on the couch watching the London Games, as should you! Vive les Jeux Olympiques  :D

Dress (worn as skirt) :
Clutch :  NET

Bises ♥♥


  1. I see an almost similar dress in Zara! Did you? Yours looks great:) Who says petite girls can't pull off the mullet trend!

    1. Yes, I did :) the one I'm wearing is a bit more orange than the Zara one, though the cut is similar LOL

  2. Wearing the t-shirt over the dress makes it seem more casual for every-day wear which is nice (sometimes I feel like wearing mullet skirts when I'm not doing much is a little fancy, haha.) Thanks for sharing and hope you've had fun watching the Olympics! xx

  3. 不要緊,今年很流行雙色髮XD


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