Monday, July 30, 2012

Lovely Loot

Ballet flats by STUDIO

    Well, as promised, a post of my haul. It's not much, I'm afraid, as I spent more time stuck in traffic jams than I did shopping. I did snag 3 or 4 pairs of shoes though, they're having this incredible sale and I got most of the shoes at 50%-70% markdown prices (yes, even the Forever 21 ones!).

     Oh, and I finally decided to go for the L'Eau de Chloé EDT. Perfect for summer, this scent! I'm already thinking about an outfit post with this perfume, sort of like the Nina Ricci one! Do stay tuned :)

Floral flats by Forever 21 and a peach skirt
Makeup from Topshop, can't resist the polka dots!
Ribbon heels by Martina Pink
L'Eau de Chloé and a white canework bag

    That is that, then! I hardly bought any dresses or shirts this time, time was scarce and we were always in a hurry. Besides, two parcels containing a total of four dresses were already waiting at my doorstep when I returned  :)  Bises ♥♥


  1. so many lovely shoe that u bought..

    1. I hardly had any time to try on clothes, so I splurged on shoes instead LOL

  2. That's awesome, sounds like you snagged your haul for a good deal indeed! The ribbon heels are my favourite, I can see them going with so many different things and it really fits your wardrobe aesthetic (:

    1. The ribbon heels were at a 50% markdown, a really good deal indeed, haha!! :)

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