Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Nothing positive can come out of this,
Said madame butterfly with her last kiss.

-- Kevin Ayers "Madame Butterfly"


    A very short piece today. I had trouble with focusing on lace details in bad lighting with a self-timer. I gave up for good after a few tries and these photos are all that I ended up with. Now burning with a desire to upgrade my rickety beginner's DSLR.

    今天有點詞窮 orz  這次匆匆忙忙拍照,用定時自拍在光線差的情況下拍蕾絲細節真是件作死的事(淚)。總之拍了一下我就放棄了,po上來的大概就是拍到的全部。於是現在燃起換相機的熊熊烈火,也是時候從我那有點秀逗了的初階單眼畢業了。

Top :  from Sheinside
Skirt :  Snidel
Shoes :  Grace Gift
Earrings :  Cor-date


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wine Lady

Yeah I love that Sangria wine,
Just like I love old friends of mine.

-- Jerry Jeff Walker "Sangria Wine"


    Lately I've been watching (and rewatching despite knowing the outcome from the very start) the Japanese reproduction of Agatha Christie's masterpiece "Murder on the Orient Express", and I was immediately drawn to the elegant 20s' attire in the film ... wide lapel coats, long skirts, cloche hats and bowlers, capital! This wine-hued coat, alongside a skirt of decent length and a sprinkling of vintage jewelry from Cor-date had me channeling my inner Working Girl, hey even a hobbit can dream of 20s glamour sometimes!

    最近一直在看(即使一開始就知道結尾)日本翻拍的 Agatha Christie 名作『東方快車殺人事件』,結果被裡面呈現的 20年代的優雅著裝給吸引住了 ... 大翻領外套、長裙、鐘形帽跟圓帽等等,很迷人!這次用入手不久的酒紅復古大衣,過膝長裙跟一些 Cor-date 的復古風飾品來偷學一下,哈比人也可以偶而做個華麗 20年代的美夢啊! >///<

Coat :  from Sheinside
Skirt :  Lacegirl (from Taobao.com)
Shoes :  Summit
Bag :  Coach
Jewelry :  all Cor-date


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Drinking Games

She's got a song for everything,
 Everywhere she's been, everyone she's pleased.

-- Library Voices "Drinking Games"


    A day came when I decided to paint my nails all black as tar and think of the consequences later. Evidently such a bold colour scheme did not sit well with my usual pastel preferences, I had to summon my leather jacket and smoking slippers to the rescue. And of course, some baroque jewellery to match the intricate embroidery on my footwear and the overall black-and-gold palette. The result? I think I was better equipped to conduct negotiations at a triad's table than to drink at a bar (a gun can be so handily hidden underneath that pimp hat, you see) ...

    某天突然心血來潮,不顧後果把指甲塗得跟柏油一樣黑  XDD  結果很明顯,衣櫃裡的浪漫風衣服沒一件能搭得上,只好把皮衣跟黑色雕花平底鞋拉出來救援。當然還要加上幾樣巴洛克風飾品來配合鞋子上的刺繡跟整體黑 x 金的色調。結果是?我想我這樣比起去喝酒,還是比較適合去黑道談判吧(槍藏在帽子裡 XD)...

Leather jacket :  Kircilar-Mondial
Shoes :  Vincci
Earrings :  Cor-date
Ring :  House of Harlow 1960
Vernis :  mistermorden 6006 (here)


Friday, December 5, 2014

The Reds and The Browns

The falling leaves drift by the window,
The autumn leaves of red and gold.

-- Red Garland "Autumn Leaves"

    I know I've been missing throughout November, and well, I believe such disappearances are apt to become more frequent in the coming months as I prepare for presentations and exams. One reason I've prepared quite a lengthy post (as opposed to OoTDs) today. I took two afternoons shooting as the light was really inconsistent and I gave up halfway.

    哈哈~我知道我整個十一月都失蹤了 :P  而且我有預感在接下來幾個月這種情況會繼續發生,因為要準備一堆報告跟考試 orz  所以今天寫了篇比較長的穿搭教學文。然後因為光線時好時壞的關係被迫中途放棄,結果花了兩個下午才拍完。

    Perhaps I've mentioned this before, but one of my favourite articles in Japanese fashion magazines involve using an X number of items to create a Y number of outfits. This time, I'm using 8 basic items to create 15 fall outfits, and to achieve a more cohesive feel, I've limited the colour scheme to just warm colours -- mainly reds and browns.

    我應該有在其他文中提過,日文雜誌中最喜歡的單元是那種用 X件單品搭出 Y個穿搭的企劃。這次,我還是用了我的老梗 8件單品 x 15天穿搭,然後為了讓穿搭比較有主題性,這次的單品限定暖色調 -- 紅色、大地色為主。

From left :  A. Leopard print cardigan from Miruru;  B. 2-way cotton blouse from Jeanasis;  C. Black skinny pants from TwoTwo;  D. Beige trench coat from NET

左起 :  A. Miruru 豹紋開衫外套;  B. Jeanasis 2-way白色棉麻上衣;  C. TwoTwo 黑色合身長褲;  D. NET米色風衣

From left :  E. Burgundy maxi skirt from Taobao.com;  F. Caramel skirt from Lowrys Farm;  G. Cherry print dress from Romwe.com;  H. Red woollen dress from Pazzo.com

左起 :  E. 淘寶酒紅雪紡長裙;  F. Lowrys Farm 焦糖色圓裙;  G. Romwe.com 櫻桃扣印花洋裝;  H. Pazzo.com 紅色毛呢洋裝

    As I planned for this post in mid-November, when it was still occasionally hot, some of the outfits are not really that warm to suit the usual cold fall/winter weather.

    呃 ... 因為我是早在11月中的時候就計劃寫這篇穿搭,當時的天氣還是時冷時熱的,所以加入少部分適合暖和天氣的穿搭這樣  XD

B + E

Bootees :  Romwe.com
Bag :  AKIRA (via ShopAKIRA)
Bracelet :  Zawadi

A + B + C

Shoes :  bought in Ximen District
Hat :  thrifted

B + D + E

Shoes :  Summit
Bag :  Coach


Bag :  Coach
Hat :  TNC

D + H

Shoes :  DashleyT (here)
Bag :  Vincci

A + B + E

Hat :  Taobao.com

B + C

Boots :  PureChara
Hat :  thrifted

A + H

Bootees :  Romwe.com
Clutch :  Vincci
Hat :  Taobao.com

B + D + F

Bag :  Coach
Scarf :  thrifted

G + D

Shoes :  DashleyT (here)
Beret :  NET

B + H

Hat :  thrifted

B + D +C

Shoes :  bought in Ximen District
Cap :  Kircilar-Mondial (borrowed from Dad)
Bag :  Coach

A + B + F

Shoes :  DashleyT (here)

G + E

Flower clips :  from Beautymol (here)

E + F

Shoes :  bought in Ximen District
Earrings :  Cor-date
Clutch :  Glomesh

* * *

That's that, then!
One last photo of some accessories used  ; )

來個最後一張使用的部分配件細節照  ; )

Basic shoes for this season, well, frankly, these can be worn every season  : P

本季愛用的基本鞋子們,不過感覺每一季都可以穿啦  : P

    As usual, I'm ending the Style Guide post with a colour-coordinated medley of my Instagram posts. You can join me @ bonjourjasmineblog if you like!

    照例用同色調的 Instagram 照片來結束穿搭教學文! XD  大家可以來我的 IG (bonjourjasmineblog) 找我聊天噢!:)

Bises! ♥♥