Monday, February 4, 2019

Le Bal Imaginaire

It's Make-Believe Ballroom Time,
The hour of sweet romance.

-- The Glenn Miller Orchestra "Make Believe Ballroom Time"


    Sometimes a hobbit, too, harbours dreams of being a mermaid. But alas, it is not easy. Mermaid dresses for the petite are few and far between, so when I saw one on sale at Room8008 during their live Instagram I pounced at the chance. Of course there was a bit of trepidation about the fit, but I was more assured than usual because the lady boss wore one in their live and she was 153cm. Ultimately I had to alter the bust a bit, but the rest fits like a glove, literally. I love the cut that accentuates the curves, yielding a callipygian silhouette with a small shapely waist. I wore this for a flute recital during our hospital charity event, but then I thought this dress is too nice and grand not to do a Tatler Ball-esque photoshoot with. Forgive that fan prop overkill, but I was thoroughly enamoured with the image of Russian debutante Polina Dunaevskaya dancing in Georges Hobeika with a white lace fan at last year's Moscow Tatler Ball and thought I would attempt a feeble replication ; )

    (Please excuse the slightly messy tabletop as this photoshoot took place in my parent's bathroom, and I was too lazy to tidy things up LOL)

    有時身為哈比也想當個人魚啊啊啊啊(淚)。但是適合矮小一族的魚尾長洋裝真的少之又少。所以當我在IG推送的Room8008直播中看到這件就手刀入手了。當然關於大小是否合適的疑慮還是有的,但最後推坑關鍵的因素是因為直播中店家闆娘穿起來剛剛好,而她身高153公分跟我相當接近。收到的時候胸圍太大了所以還是拿去修改了,但其他部分真的非常非常合身。我覺得這件剪裁非常強調腰線臀線,在顯臀的同時也顯腰細,給人一種婀娜多姿(?)的錯覺(都自己講 XD)。這件我在去年醫院的慈善晚會中演奏笛子時穿了,但是覺得它真的好正式,不拿來拍一組Tatler晚舞會風的照片太可惜了 XDD  抱歉那扇子實在是浮誇了點,不過那時候非常著迷於在去年莫斯科Tatler舞會中俄國名門閨秀Polina Dunaevskaya拿著白色蕾絲扇翩然起舞的身影,一直想弱弱的模仿一下 : P

    (那個,後面梳洗台有點雜亂請見諒,因為這次是在我爸媽的浴室架腳架自拍的,時間匆忙我就懶得收拾了 囧>)

Dress :  Room8008
Shoes :  Zalora
Earrings & bracelet :  Cor-date

Bises, et bon nouvel an chinois! 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Reindeer Tales

In the deepest woods and fern,
Young deer step light through morning's mist.

-- Jon Anderson "Days"


    It is with a slightly sheepish conscience that I return here, three months of blog inactivity on the grounds of nothing but pure procrastination would do that to you ; )  Anyway, near the end of November I was productive for once, and did 3 photoshoots in 2 days, making the most out of a sunny weekend. This is one of them, as weeks ago I received in my Taobao haul this reindeer-adorned beret which is literally the cutest thing and I just simply had to shoot a nice little Mori-girl piece with it. The beret itself surpasses my (admittedly not very high) expectations, for its low price it's really quite well-made (though I wish the floral appliqués were a bit less frayed at the edges). I know I got caught in the branches quite frequently during the shoot and sometimes the antlers of the deer got entangled in the foliage, but at the end of the day not a single blossom on the hat fell off and the reindeer head remained intact too (not what I expected from a RMB50 product from Taobao anyway). 

    回到這裡真是感到有點慚愧,部落格荒廢了三個月完全沒有新文 XDD  不過接近11月尾的時候我難得努力了一把,趁著天氣好的周末把閒置已久的相機拿出來拍了三套穿搭。這是其中一套啦,那時收到淘寶戰利品不久,當中包含這頂麋鹿綴飾的浮誇貝雷帽。一看到實品我就覺得我要拍一套森系風照片 : P  這頂貝雷帽老實說比我預期的好,以它的價錢來說算是質感不錯(雖然布花近看線頭略多)。拍這套的時候我一直被樹枝勾到,帽子上的鹿角也一直被枝葉纏上,但是拍完帽子上的布花沒掉,鹿頭也完好無損(大概是我期待值太低了,一直覺得RMB50的淘寶貨用一用扯一扯就會散掉 XD)。

Beret, dress and butterfly necklace :  all from Taobao
Bag :  P.S. Besitos

 Bises, et Joyeux Noël 

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fall, in Leather

    Some time ago I was struck by a sudden infatuation with pale-coloured leather jackets, and so a somewhat lengthy search for the jacket ensued. Eventually I turned to Taobao after finding most leather jackets on US/UK sites too roomy and therefore probably unflattering on my hobbit frame. I finally found one here that I felt would be small enough after perusing countless reviews of countless leather jackets from countless seller of an indefinite price range. It's faux leather, to be honest, and super cheap, but then I don't really count on it to last for years and years (or for that matter, I don't really count on my infatuation to last that long either ; ) ) and right now considering the price point I'm just plain pleased with it, quality- and cut-wise.  


    I bought this in pale beige, which is a rather safe and practical shade. A little reminder though, the size S is a true S, the seller did give an approximate weight range recommendation for each size on the site, and I find that quite accurate and useful. This jacket fits me rather snugly when zipped up and the length is just right at the waist, so I would say it's a good fit for hobbits ; )  (I used to own leather jackets from other brands and despite the S size, the waist would usually fall at an awkward length halfway down my hips, taking away some of the suave sophistication that comes with a leather jacket). The details are just right too, for me at least, nothing too fancy or complicated, pockets are real but the zips on the sleeves and the straps on the waist are purely ornamental. 

    我買的是杏色,實品就是一個安全好搭的米黃色。不過要提醒一下,這件的S真的滿小件的,賣場有大略建議各個size適合的體重範圍,我覺得算是滿準的。這件拉鍊拉上對我來說算合身,衣長也剛好在腰的位置,算是非常適合哈比人的短皮衣(我買過Lowrys Farm跟歐美牌的別色皮衣,雖然是S號但是衣長都太長,腰身落在我臀部的位置穿起來少了皮衣的俐落感)。細節部分我覺得不錯,沒有過於繁複的綴飾,然後口袋是真的口袋,不過袖子的拉鍊和腰間以及袖口的鈕扣帶子就是裝飾用的。

    My initial infatuation with pale-coloured leather jackets was rooted mainly in its versatility as a whole. However, when some of my colleagues joined me in buying this leather jacket, most shunned the beige one in preference for the practicality of a classic black. Which is why I came up with the colour idea for this Style Guide -- to assert the versatility of a beige leather jacket by pairing it with an entire palette of fall colours.

    當初突然想要一件淺色皮衣就是因為覺得它很好搭。可是我揪醫院的同事一起買的時候大家都覺得黑色比較好搭所以多數選了黑色 T__T  所以這次寫穿搭style guide想到用這件搭各種秋冬色系來凸顯淺色皮衣的百搭功能 XD  

 When it's a white on white combo, accessorizing with coloured items would give the whole look a little weight, a little variation.

 白 x 白的搭配時,可以運用一些深色或飽和色的配件為整體造型帶來重點與亮點。

 That oldish print, do you still remember? LOL  It certainly gives the outfit a fall-ish air. 

* 還記得這件阿嬤襯衫嗎?XDD  不過這個花色倒為整個穿搭添了幾許秋意。

* If this outfit had been paired with a black leather jacket, the outcome would have been a more masculine and dark look. A beige jacket softens the look while still adding masculinity.

* 如果這套是搭了黑色皮衣,大概會看起來更帥氣但也更暗一些。淺色皮衣在增加帥氣的同時也帶來了些許柔和。

* I love to pair leather jackets with florals, it's the easiest way to achieve the perfect mix of masculine chic and feminine daintiness.

* 我非常喜歡碎花搭皮衣,因為那是最容易達成完美甘x辛比例的方法 : P

* Of course there has to be denim. And you can layer a blazer over the leather jacket for a two-toned, trimming-like effect.

* 當然要來點丹寧 : P  另外可以在淺色皮衣外套另一件外套製造撞色感。

* A more office-appropriate look. Pairing a pencil skirt with a leather jacket makes the outfit a little more stylish and casual, I think.

* 這是比較適合上班的穿搭吧!窄裙如果搭皮衣可以增加整體穿搭的時尚感與隨性感。

 * As usual, I'm accessorizing with dark-coloured items when the overall palette is a little on the light side.

* 一樣,當整體穿搭的色調偏淺時就用深色配件調整平衡。

* Leopard print is so in vogue this fall. If you're a bit tentative about a full-blown leopard look, try it out in a smaller helping such as on a top or bag.

* 今年豹紋很火啊~如果覺得猶豫,不妨從小面積嘗試,比如上衣或包包。

* I think I haven't worn this burgundy Pazzo dress in ages, good thing I wrote this post because I finally remembered I have such a dress, LOL.

* 媽阿我都忘了我還有這件Pazzo酒紅洋裝,因為寫這篇才想起來的 XD

* Pair a leather jacket with Doc Martens and I might fall for this boy-version of myself next thing I know  ; )

* 搭個馬丁靴瞬間變男孩風 XDD 唉唷我都要愛上自己了(喂)

*       *       *

    That's all this time I guess! I'm honestly running out of words so don't mind my babbling. And due to lack of accessories detailed shots I'm ending this post with the customary medley of recent Instagrams! 

    這次先這樣啦!抱歉其實我都寫到快辭窮了,下面的短評有點語無倫次請隨便看看就好XDD  以及因為後來下雨光線暗了,來不及拍配件細節,只好隨便拿最近的IG拼圖草草結束 : P


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