Monday, July 2, 2018

The Sweetheart Tree

Big blossoms of white will burst into sight,
And your love will be true.

-- Johnny Mathis "The Sweetheart Tree"


    Lately the weather has been rather lovely here, albeit occasional bouts of afternoon downpour. On this recent Sunday, I took out my new rattan weaved bag into the garden for a simple little photoshoot alone. If you have been following fashion through Instagram you might have seen such a bag on the shoulders of many a fashionista blogger. I guess I can be counted a brainwashed victim of its ubiquitous presence on social media, but truth be told this bag is also something that's very much my aesthetic. It's the right size, the right colour, versatile and affordable. For the sake of my long forgotten romantic obsession, I've donned a peach pink floral maxi, and on this morning despite the sun forcing me into the shades for fear of overexposure (and because I could hardly open my eyes anywhere else), with my little bag in tow and the sun seeping through the summer foliage I felt carefree and blessed, brainwashed or not  ; )   

    最近這裡的天氣好好,只是偶爾下午會下個雷陣雨。前不久的一個周日,看著陽光好我就帶了腳架跟新入手的藤編圓包到院子裡簡單拍個穿搭。如果你有在Instagram上追蹤時尚趨勢,十有八九你曾在時尚部落客身上看過這款包的蹤影。我也是被這包的無所不在給漸漸洗腦而入手了 XDD  不過說真的,這包還是滿對我味的,無論是大小顏色還是實用性,價格也便宜。這次穿搭我想著好久沒有偏浪漫風穿搭的外拍了,於是搭了這件蜜桃粉色的印花長洋。雖然後來太陽大到我不得不一直躲在樹蔭底下拍(不只是怕過曝,而是樹蔭外我大概全程無法睜開眼睛 囧),但拎著夏天的小包在庭院裡晃,陽光疏疏落落的穿過枝葉繁茂,還是有種歲月靜好的喜悅。

Bag :  Instagram seller
Shoes :  Bata
Necklace :  Cor-date
Earrings :  via Taobao


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