Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mood for Retro

Wait, I hear another song, Insomnia About the days I wasn't tired, And doing that fun, retro look. -- Silverchair "Insomnia"

    Well, I think I owe BECCA an apology. Some time ago I wrote a post about the limited edition Apres Ski Face Glow Palette, and after swatching the colours on my arm I decided (rather rashly) that probably only the ice blue highlighter Icicle in the top row and the berry blush Winter Berry would suit fair skin. Both Rose Quartz (top leftmost) and Opal (bottom center) were a tad dark to be used as highlighter for me, and the bottom leftmost Blushed Copper, a shimmery bronze chockful of glitter bits, was so pigmented and dark-ish I could not imagine it working as a blush (I had a swatch video on my Instagram previously, you can revisit to see how glittery it is LOL). Anyway, I was mistaken. The other day right before cleansing I thought I would play with this palette a bit more, and swiped that copper blush right on the cheeks ~~oh my, that's a terracotta blush right there, and a lovely one at that! The glitter bits which I was worried about were almost imperceptible except at a very close distance, and they gave the blush a soft sheen. Layer on with Rose Quartz on the cheekbones and you get a sophisticated earth-toned glow. I used Bronzed Bondi (bottom rightmost) and Opal on my eyes to complete the look, and the outcome was a rather retro look that somehow reminded me of the visual ads a few seasons back with 3ce's Mood Recipe campaign. 

    嗚嗚嗚我要跟BECCA道歉啦~~!前陣子介紹了這盤BECCA的限量打亮盤Apres Ski Face Glow Palette,那時手部試色後覺得這裡面大概只有上排中間的銀白色打亮跟右邊的腮紅適合白肌使用。因為上排最左的打亮Rose Quartz跟下排中間的Opal作為打亮對我來說都有點深,然後下排左邊的Blushed Copper古銅色腮紅刷起來很深很顯色而且亮片很多,怎麼想都覺得無法當腮紅(IG之前有放手臂試色影片,可以回去看看那個亮片的量 XDDD)。但是對不起我錯了 ^^"   某一天卸妝前想說拿這盤來玩玩,就拿古銅色腮紅往臉上一刷~~媽啊原來就是土色腮紅啊怎麼那麼好看(自己說)??!!原本很在意的亮片刷開後其實遠看就看不出了,近看會看出些微亮片,但也因為有亮片會有淡淡的光澤感,這時候再在顴骨處疊上玫瑰金打亮色Rose Quartz就非常搭。後來再用下排最右的修容Bronzed Bondi跟Opal完成眼妝,整個妝感尤其腮紅莫名有種復古感,讓我想到之前很喜歡的3ce Mood Recipe視覺海報的氛圍   : D

What I used for the look :

A :  Opal -- a pale gold highlighter
B :  Bronzed Bondi -- a warm contour shade with specks of glitter, but applies to a matte finish
C :  Blushed Copper -- looks super glittery when swatched, but when blended out it's a luminous terracotta blush with a soft sheen.
D :  Rose Quartz -- a rose gold highlighter with a pale pink hue


A:Opal 淺金色打亮
B:Bronzed Bondi 肉眼看帶零星的亮片顆粒,但擦起來偏霧面妝感
C:Blushed Copper 試色看起來超閃的古銅色,但是刷開來是帶淡淡光澤的土色腮紅
D:Rose Quartz 帶淡粉色的玫瑰金打亮

    For the eyes, as this is ultimately a face palette, it lacks some basic eyeshadow shades such as a matte base colour, so I used a pale beige from another Tarte eyeshadow palette as the base. Then I applied A on the inner 2/3 of the eyelids and added B on the outer 1/3. After blending out the edges, I layered on a little bit of D for some extra sheen, I also used D for the lower lids. Throw in mascara and a classic winged liner et voila! The eye look is complete, very simple, non?

    眼妝部分,因為這盤畢竟是修容盤,少了打底的霧面淺色眼影,所以我有另用Tarte眼影盤的淺米色先打底。之後用A打在眼皮前2/3,再用B疊在眼尾1/3並暈開。暈染後在眼皮中間疊一點D增加光澤,下眼影部分也是用D打在臥蠶處。最後畫上粗眼線跟睫毛膏,眼妝就完成了,就這麼簡單 XDD

    For the face, it's even easier. Simply sweep C over the cheeks, patiently blending the colours out so that it doesn't look too garish or harsh. Layer on D on the cheekbones with an angled blush brush for a subtle highlight. 


    These photos were taken near golden hour, hence the slightly warm tone which incidentally fits the vintage theme, I think ; )  By the way I've put on a vintage-patterned dress and brown-hued nail polishes for that additional retro vibe.

    因為是接近黃金時刻拍的照片,光線偏暖拍出來的色調意外的滿有復古的氛圍(自己覺得啦  : P  另外為凸顯復古風還特地搭了淘寶的復古印花洋裝跟土色指彩 XD 

Bises! ♥♥


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