Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Coral Pink Days

    The thing with online shopping is, one thing always leads to another. One day, as I was scouring the sales section of Anthropologie, a lovely seashell blush by DuWop caught my eye. Trying to escape the exorbitant shipping charges of Anthropologie, I ended up with this and the Ellis Faas Milky Lips (which I had no intention of purchasing at the very beginning) in my shopping cart at Beauty Bay. 
    網購很邪惡的是,總會有樣東西引誘你去購買其他原本沒要買的東西(泣) 某天我原本只是在看 Anthropologie 的折扣區,結果就被一個 DuWop 的貝殼腮紅給迷住了。為了躲開 Anthropologie 可怕的國際運費,又經一番尋尋覓覓後我終於在 Beauty Bay 網站下單了這個跟一開始完全沒想要買的 Ellis Faas Milky Lips  ^^"
    The order minimum for free shipping at Beauty Bay being relatively low, the package was not trackable (a bit like ASOS in that respect) but it arrived fairly quickly. I got the Ellis Faas Milky Lips in L205, to be honest I thought it was going to be a soft pink from the swatches I saw online. The actual colour was more of an orange pink, the coverage was quite good with a thicker application. The formula does not really hide lip lines, but it does give the lips a somewhat glossy effect. What I like about this product is that it is lightweight, so that when it dries down, you can barely feel like you're wearing anything on the lips, nor does it sap your lips of moisture.  
    Beauty Bay 網站的免國際運費門檻還蠻低的,雖然免運的包裹無法追蹤(這點跟 ASOS 有點像),但其實還是蠻快就收到了。我入手的色號是L205,原本看網路試色以為會是個珊瑚淺粉,但實際上這色有點偏橘。厚擦的話,顏色很飽和也能遮唇色。雖然沒辦法遮唇紋,但是的確能讓雙唇看起來有亮澤感。我比較喜歡的一點是它的質地很輕盈,稍微等它乾一些後,幾乎感覺不到有擦唇彩的異物感,也不會讓雙唇越擦越乾。

    Here is the pink-toned floral look I did on the day of the photoshoot, and a colour swatch. These three photos are taken indoors with natural light and apart from slightly adjusting the brightness and contrast, no photo filters were used. You could see that on my highly-pigmented lips, the coverage was good but there was a most definite orange tone and less coral pink compared to the official swatches. 

    這是拍照那天的櫻花粉妝容 XD  還有紙上試色一張。這三張都是室內自然光下拍的,除了稍微調整亮度跟對比,沒有用任何的濾鏡模式喔!我原本的唇色偏深,可以看出這款擦上去有點蜜桃橘調,並不像官網試色照那麼粉嫩,但還是很成功的遮住原本偏紅的唇色。

    Lastly, a close-up of the eye make-up. I've been wanting to try out splashing eyeshadow over the entire lid instead of just within the crease. Obviously this is not a look I would go out in on a casual day, but I do like that springtime vibe in a photoshoot.
    最後來個眼妝近照。一直很想嘗試把眼影整個大片暈染,就算眼皮會拋也不管了 XD  當然平時出門大概不會化這種妝嚇人,不過拿來拍照倒是很有春天感~♪




  1. Wow I had this too!
    And yes it defo has more orange in it than what the website shows

    Lovely look btw


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