Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Danseuse de Les Néréides

Dance, ballerina, dance,
And do your pirouette in rhythm with your achin' heart.
-- Nat King Cole "Ballerina"


    A while ago I had a small spree at the Les Néréides website, being a fan of their whimsical yet delicate designs for years but never really endeavoured a purchase until now. The ballerina series being one of their signature designs, the figures emulate the basic poses of ballet dancers with remarkable likeness. On a sweltering noon during my stay at Hever Castle and with the light too harsh for outdoors shooting, I decided to do a little ballerina photoshoot in the comfort of my own room. It did not turn out so well, I'm embarrassed to say, what with the backlighting and distortions and relative unfamiliarity with my new camera, but hopefully you would still enjoy this rare indoor shoot of my Hever days.

    前陣子我莫名的很想入手 Les Néréides 家的飾品,雖然關注他們天馬行空卻做工細緻的飾品很久了,但是直到最近才真正卯起來訂購 XD  芭蕾舞系列大概已經是他們的入門款了吧,這系列的墜子把芭蕾舞伶的基本動作刻劃的惟妙惟。住在 Hever Castle 時遇上一個大熱天,正午光線太強不方便外拍,於是想說在房裡自己拍個芭蕾舞風格的穿搭。結果出來的照片其實不太滿意,因為還不太熟悉新相機的設定還有就是背光跟變形的問題 orz  不過還是勉強放了上來,畢竟是難得的在 Hever 的室內拍攝,請大家將就著看別介意啦! ^^"

p/S You can see more of the trip on my Instagram (@bonjourjasmineblog) !
 Top :  thrifted
Skirt :  Alexandra Grecco
Shoes :  Bata
Necklace :  Les Néréides

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  1. Aww...lovely! The skirt absolutely beautiful

    Bisous xx


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