Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Watercolour Gardens

Only the waves last forever,
She's only a watercolour.
-- Cabaret Noir "On a Sunday Morning"

    This is my first day at the enchantingly picturesque Hever Castle, the abode of the infamous Anne Boleyn in the days of Tudor reign. I arrived at the grounds during late afternoon, with the evening sun seeping through the foliage of the summer grove and the paths increasingly deserted. A moment of solitude, and the convenience of an uninterrupted photoshoot alone, amidst the perfume of a wall of budding roses. Then a short walk down the quiet sideroad to the only pub in town. The King Henry VIII was actually a delightful place, lively and welcoming with good food and a most helpful staff. After downing an entire portion of bangers and mash, to the dismay of my fitted dress, the pleasant day ended with some sticky toffee and a little star-gazing along the road back to the storied castle. 

    這是我在英國城郊 Hever Castle的第一天拍的,這座城堡其實是都鐸時期亨利八世有名的第二任妻子安‧博林的住家。下午從倫敦搭火車大約是在近黃昏的時候到達,那時接近黃金時刻,夕陽的光正穿過層層綠葉灑落在小樹林中,小路也變得人煙稀少。於是可以伴隨著整牆玫瑰的花香盡情的自拍 :P  之後就沿著城堡外的小路一路走到當地唯一的酒館覓食。這家名為亨利八世的酒館其實是個很不錯的地方,食物美味氣氛也好,比起酒吧更像是餐廳。吃完一整份香腸與薯泥大餐(我似乎聽到腰改得很合身的洋裝在哀嚎 XD),用甜而不膩的太妃糖布丁和回途中美麗的星空結為在 Hever Castle 的第一天劃下了完美的句點。

p/S You can see more of the trip on my Instagram (@bonjourjasmineblog) !

Dress :  here
Shoes :  via Taobao
Bracelet :  Cor-date
Necklace :  Cor-date 


  1. So ethereal! This looks straight out of a storybook <3

    Bisous xx

  2. 學姊還是美翻!♥

  3. 仙氣破表....~


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