Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Photo Flowers

Everyone has come to see. Well somethings have to do
Flowers out for this photographic haunt, but they all pass me by.

-- Tanita Tikaram "World Outside Your Window"


    Here's a super-late write-up of my haul from the Runway Channel sale ... er, a year ago. I bought quite a few items then (this and this), but this EMODA flower print dress was one of my favourites. According to its website, the floral pattern is a unique EMODA print, and is meant to exude the atmosphere of a flower garden in a photograph. I'll admit the print did indeed look like a summer garden of wild flowers through the lens of a lomo camera. The cut is quite fitting but it is quite short, even for a hobbit like me. All the same, I like this dress quite a lot and I'm even thinking of getting it in the purple/blue version, seeing as it is still available on the site. What'd you think?  ; )

    好吧~這篇是個超 lag 的折扣季戰利品文,是我 ... 去年在 Runway Channel 的收穫(心虛)。那次買了不少單品(包括這件這件),但是這件 EMODA 的花卉洋裝是愛將之一。根據商品網站的敘述,這件洋裝的圖樣是 EMODA 獨家製作的印花,主要想傳達照片中的花園這樣的氛圍。實品也真的如描述一樣,看起來像是透過 lomo 鏡頭欣賞著野花盛開的夏日花園 >///<  這件剪裁相當合身,不過就是有點短(連哈比人的我都覺得可以再長一點點)。但是我還是對它很有愛,而且回去看網頁竟然還有貨 @@  有點想說趁現在五折再入手那件藍紫色的,大家覺得呢? ; )

Dress :  EMODA (still available here)
Boots :  Queen
Hat :  here
Bag :  ShopAkira
Ring :  Cor-date (here)



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Moonstyle! Glad you like my blog <33

  2. Lovely dress and boots! Your photos are gorgeous as always <33

  3. Nice look! Love the color combination :)

    1. Thanks, Ilianne, btw I love your hair colour! <3

  4. 請問尺寸拿多少呢?真的很漂亮!!

    1. 我是拿S的喔(我是身高 150 的哈比 : P)!


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