Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dots and Florals

Oh I'll twine with my mingles and waving black hair,
With the roses so red and the lilies so fair.

-- Johnny Cash "Wildwood Flower"


    I am currently loving the urban hippie vibe, complete with wide-brimmed hats and a plethora of clanging jewellery. I bought this chiffon floral dress last summer, not really enamored with the design or anything, but just intrigued by the notion of pairing large floral prints with polkadots on the same garment. Well, I forgot about this dress until last week when I was cleaning out a portion of my closet, and voila! A ready-made hippie number amidst my pile of retro/romantic/unabashedly girlish dresses. The dots and florals actually work well together in this case, and I think this vivid red is perfect for the fiery soul of a hippie urbanite. However, this kind of print might also fall easily into country bumpkin territory, so be sure to accessorize it with something more sleek and chic. Off to Woodstock then, quick march!

    最近愛上了都市嬉皮風穿搭,包括一定要來一頂的寬沿女優帽跟一堆叮叮噹噹的首飾。這件雪紡印花長洋裝是我去年夏天的戰利品。入手這件並不是因為對它的設計很有愛什麼的,而是因為對一件把印花跟點點搭在一起的洋裝感到好奇 :P  結果收到後我竟然把它忘在衣櫃深處了,直到上週清理衣櫃時才重見天日 orz  不過,在我那一堆復古/浪漫/假仙為主的洋裝中竟然出其不意蹦出一件嬉皮風洋裝,真是可喜可賀啊  XDD  這件的點點跟印花真是有種微妙的和諧,大紅的花朵也莫名適合熱情奔放的都市嬉皮。只是 ... 這樣的大花也容易搭成村姑打扮啊 T_T  搭配上大概需要比較俐落的配件去中和那隱約透出的鄉村風。那麼,即刻往音樂祭衝去吧,朋友們!(是說八月還有音樂祭這東西嗎? XD)

Dress :
Hat :  here
Bootees :  Tokyo Girl
Necklace :  Mazzard



  1. stunning! :)
    gorgeous dress <33

    cheer, michelle

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