Sunday, May 4, 2014

Starry Starry Skies

There are no starry skies left, not for you and I
Just the dampness of a cold dark night, and that's all right.

-- Mary Karlzen "Starry Skies" 


    A few weeks back, I received this lovely vintage necklace inspired by the night skies from Cor-date. It is incredibly sparkly and I immediately thought of pairing it with this floaty galaxy dress that I ordered just days earlier. The dress is backless, and quite well-cut to give a flouncy feel as you walk. With the star necklace in tow, I felt like a walking night sky on a sweltering afternoon. Oh, and apologies for the gross over-exposure, a lot of times the light was changing as the timer ticked and I really had no idea how the photo was going to turn out until too late, obviously!  LOL

    幾個禮拜前,我收到了這個 Cor-date 的古董風項鍊,是以閃耀星空為靈感的星形長鍊。這項鍊上的鑽非常閃,我馬上想到拿來跟我之前跟 Romwe 訂購的銀河圖樣洋裝搭在一起。這件洋裝是露背的,剪裁算是不錯,走起路來裙擺會隨著輕舞搖曳。搭上星空項鍊,我整個覺得自己是炎熱午後,莫名會走路的夜空 XDD  不過很抱歉這一系列照片有一部分過曝了,很多時候就在自拍定時器倒數時光線就變了,整個好難預測會拍出怎樣的照片 :P

Dress :
Shoes :  Summit
Necklace :  Cor-date



  1. This is soo beautiful! The combination of the dress and the star necklace is just perfect <3

  2. 洋裝真的好漂亮!!生火了 >///<

  3. Lovely as always ... the dress and the necklace and the nail polish = want!! <3

  4. 大挖背洋裝好性感


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