Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pastel Rainbow

She's like a rainbow
Coming colors in the air.
-- Rolling Stones "She's A Rainbow" 

    One morning when I was joining the ward round, a senior of mine noted in passing that I frequently wore pastels and the colours cheered her up. Well, I can't always be wearing floaty dresses to work, and dire monochromatic attire wearies me further in the stressful hospital environment. Lately, I've taken to wearing pastel pants to work and my collection just keeps on growing! ;)

    某天早上在參加巡房的時候,一位學姊說常常看到我穿粉彩色系的衣物,讓她看了心情很好 XD  當然上班不可能每天穿偽仙的洋裝,可是在醫院的大壓力環境下穿著黑白色系又讓我覺得很鬱悶 ... 於是最近開始穿冰淇淋色系的褲子上班,然後衣櫃裡的色褲就默默越來越多了 ;)

    This time I'm writing on five of my favourite colours. Some are bought online, some purchased in small boutiques. To be honest, most of them are too long for a hobbit like me but I don't have time to send them to the tailor's yet. In most photos, I just folded the pant legs inward to shorten them by a few inches  LOL.

    這次寫的是最喜歡的五個冰淇淋色喔!有些是網路買的,另一些則是在夜市或小店入手的。老實說,這些褲子對我這個哈比來說真的都太長,而我又還沒時間送去給裁縫改短(好啦~其實是我一直在拖 >.<) 所以,照片裡大部分我都是把褲管往裡摺,瞬間就短了幾吋 XD

Top :  from Mihara ;  Bag :  NET ;  Wedges :  Vincci

Trench coat :  Pazzo ;  Bag :  Aigner ;  Heels :  Emilio Valentino

Top :  Pazzo ;  Bag :  H&M ;  Heels :  Emilio Valentino

Pants :  Taobao.com (here)

    Frankly, these yellow pants are not really visually slimming, but I really love the bright colour. It does not fade easily, and is quite comfortable even in warmer weather.

    老實說,這條粉黃褲子並不顯瘦(還有視覺膨脹的嫌疑  囧>),不過我還是很喜歡它鮮亮的色彩。即使洗過幾次也沒有退色,然後現在稍熱的天氣穿也還 OK 不會太悶。

Blazer :  YFS ;  Top :  Pazzo ;  Wedges :  Carlo Rino

Top :  Auntie Rosa ;  Bag :  Jeanasis ;  Heels :  Emilio Valentino

Knit top :  Pazzo ;  Bag :  Vincci
Pants :  Taobao.com (here)

    I got these lilac pants in size S, and well, for the heavy-bottomed lass that I am, they're just a tad tight :(  It looks slimmer though, and the colour is really sweet.

    這件我太自信的拿了 S 號,結果對我這個大臀又粗腿的人來說還真是稍緊了點  T__T  不過視覺上我想會比啷啷的 M 號看起來腳細一點吧!然後顏色是很甜美的紫羅蘭色 :)

Top :  Pazzo ;  Blazer :  It Girl ;  Bag :  Coach ;  Loafers :  Summit
Bag :  P.S. Besitos ;  Wedges :  Vincci
Top :  Pazzo ;  Coat :  NET ;  Bag :  Vincci ;  Heels :  Emilio Valentino
Pants :  Greeen

    These salmon pink pants are not really of a skinny cut, i.e. they don't really squash your groin and thigh areas LOL  Really comfortable piece, but sort of wrinkles easily.

    這件鮭魚粉長褲其實不算是 skinny 版型的小腳褲,它沒有像 skinny 一樣天殺的老是壓迫大腿和該邊 XD  這件算是蠻舒服好看的,只是很容易皺扣點分。

Top :  Pazzo ;  Floral blazer :  Sheinside.com ;  Bag :  NET ;  Wedges :  Vincci

Knit top :  Pazzo ;  Bag :  Vincci

Denim shirt :  Esther ;  Bag :  NET ;  Heels :  Summit ;  Earrings :  Cor-date
Pants :  Taobao.com (here)

    Similarly, I got these in size S and they're a bit tight, but isn't that the point of skinny pants? Strangle your body parts to the point of looking skinny? Love the pale green shade too!

    同樣的,這件我也很沒自知之明的拿了 S 號(哭) 的確是有點緊啦,不過這不是 skinny 褲的重點嗎?死死壓住肥肉來達到顯瘦的目的? XD  然後對這件的淺綠色很有愛  >///<

Top :  Pazzo ;  Bag :  Vincci

Knit top :  Pazzo ;  Heels :  Summit

Blazer :  Rastars& ;  Glitter pumps :  H&M

Pants :  thrifted

    Well, these are my favourite pair, mainly because they are quite breathable in spite of their skinny cut. The colour is sort of light blue-green, it's almost as versatile as denim hues.

    這件是我的最愛啦~主要是因為穿起來算透氣,雖然是顯瘦又稍緊的 skinny cut。顏色是淺藍綠,我覺得幾乎跟丹寧色一樣百搭了 :)

* * *

Well, that's that then!

As per tradition, some photos of various knick-knacks used!


Haha, I used a whopping nine pair of shoes this time, but mainly nudes and blue-greens.


Same palette with the bags, blue-greens and nudes and some browns.


    I was trying to wrap up the photoshoot in one afternoon and the sun was fast setting, so I didn't really have time to rummage through my box for jewellery. I used these simple earrings from Cor-date in some of the outfits, though.

    因為趕在一個下午拍完全部照片,然後陽光又快消失,所以我根本沒時間好好翻珠寶箱來挑穿搭的飾品 >.<  不過在兩個穿搭中有用了 Cor-date 簡單款的耳環。

    As usual, I'm ending the Style Guide post with a colour-coordinated medley of my Instagram posts. You can join me @ bonjourjasmineblog if you like!

    用同色調的 Instagram 照片來結束穿搭教學文好像已經變成傳統啦! XD  大家可以來我的 IG (bonjourjasmineblog) 找我聊天噢!:)

Bises! ♥♥


  1. Amazing! Every look is a perfect match :)

  2. OMG Sweet look, we love pastel too <3 and you are perfect with that!


  3. My idol!! 好厲害~ from AR BILL
    (my email: samippio@gmail.com) keep contact~ I just visited Karyee in Feb, and had a nice gathering with her in Ipoh. Next time your turn XDD (or you come to Macau to meet me:) )


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