Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Roses Dancin'

She lifts her skirt up to her knees
Walks through the garden rows with her bare feet, laughing.

-- Ray LaMontagne "Empty"


    Last Sunday, my family and I went out for Mother's Day dinner, and my Mum and I both adhered to our dress code of floral top with midi skirt. The chiffon floral top had been in my closet for some time since I bought it from a Japanese goods seller. I love the way the sleeves fall over the arms but the print, frankly, looks a tad out-dated. Hence I've paired it with a fluffy skirt to give it a more girlish edge. Oh, and please don't slam me for the all back 'do, it's been so unbelievably hot these days, this is the only way to go!  LOL

    上週日,我跟家人一起出去吃母親節大餐,我跟老媽相約一起穿花上衣跟圓裙。這件雪紡印花上衣其實我跟日貨賣家ㄚ蠻買一段時間了。一開始是喜歡那雪紡袖子垂下來的樣子,可是花色看久了竟然覺得略顯老氣 T__T  所以這次搭上蓬蓬的裙子,希望增加一點 girly 氣息拯救成熟感 XDD 噢~然後請別笑我的 all back 髮型,這幾天快熱死了 ... 這髮型是唯一解!! :P

Top :  Nowhere
Skirt :  Snidel
Heels :  Emilio Valentino
Clutch :  H&M
Earrings :  Cor-date


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  1. Lovely skirt! And I like your all-back ponytail <33


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