Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rainbow Eyes

    I've been ill these past few days, and was too bushed to post this look which I did a week ago. I got this colourful Love Alpha palette recently (you can find it here), it's dirt cheap and actually performs quite well considering the price. The glitter particles are mainly superficial and it's really not that shimmery when you apply it. The colour payoff is quite good and you can always layer on for more intense shades.

    這幾天大生病,所以根本沒精力上來 po 大約一週前拍的妝容照。最近買了這個很繽紛的 Love Alpha 眼影盤(賣場點這裡),使用心得是超便宜但表現還不錯啦!那澎湃的亮片其實只是表面的,實際擦起來並不是那麼 bling bling 的效果。眼影算是滿顯色的,而且可以不斷疊擦讓顏色更濃烈一點。

    1. Apply eyeshadow base on the eyelids to ensure longer-lasting shadows.
    2. Use an applicator to apply B on the inner corner and dab it out towards the center.
    3. Apply C next to B and use a brush to blend between the colours.
    4. Similarly, apply D next to C and blend.
    5. Apply A last and fade it a little further along the eyelid.
    6. You can use a clean brush to lightly blend the joins between the colours.
    7. If a colour does not look bright enough, you can always layer and blend until satisfied.
    8. For the lower lid, I use a neutral beige eyeshadow to brighten the under-eye area.
    9. Finish with eyeliner and mascara, and voila!

    1. 開始前先用打底膏塗在整個眼皮。
    2. 用眼影棒沾取 B,由眼頭往中間疊擦暈開。
    3. 沾取 C,擦在 B 旁邊,並且用眼影刷暈開兩色的交界處。
    4. 同樣的,用 D 擦在 C 旁邊並且暈開交界。
    5. 最後擦上 A 並且將顏色帶到眼尾。
    6. 用乾淨的眼影刷輕輕暈開各色間的交界。
    7. 如果覺得哪個顏色不夠亮,可以繼續疊擦暈開到滿意為止。
    8. 下眼影的部分,我只用了米色眼影強調臥蠶。
    9. 最後畫上眼線跟睫毛膏就宣告完成囉!

    To be honest, I feel this is a super-easy look because it really does not need any special techniques. You can just apply and blend until you're happy with the results. I have clumsy hands and rarely go beyond trusty brown eyeshadows, so this is something new to me. Try it, it's springtime after all!

    老實說,我真的覺得這個妝容算很簡單的,因為不需要什麼特別技巧。就只是一直在疊擦然後暈開到滿意為止 XDD  我平時化妝笨手笨腳又擺脫不了大地色眼影的安全感,這次算是新的嘗試啦!大家也來試試看啊,畢竟春天來了嘛(灑花) >///<

    By the way I put the look on my Instagram ( @ bonjourjasmineblog ) like ages ago, it certainly is more convenient than writing a blog post.  Oh, and apologies for the lack of close-ups of the eyes. I'm using a DSLR and had trouble focusing because of the focal length and my own trembling tired arms, haha ;)

    然後我在 Instagram( @ bonjourjasmineblog ) 上大約老早就放上這次的妝容照了,IG真的比寫部落格方便多了啊! 然後真不好意思眼部特寫照好少 >.<  我用單眼自拍真的對焦困難,因為相機要拿很遠才對到焦,相機又重我的手根本抖到不行一直晃到 orz



  1. Love the rainbow colors! <33

  2. OMGGG~ love your eye makeup :D

    cheer, michelle

    1. You should try it too, it's really easy! :)

  3. really charm! LIKE from ar Bill :)

    1. 哈哈~你還好嗎?
      快給我個 email,我要給你新手機號碼 :)

    2. ~contact me.
      I just added u at instagram. I heard from Karyee that Adrian's under medical training in Sg. U doing well? (contact my email)


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