Sunday, January 5, 2020


Green grow the lilacs all sparkling with dew,
Green grow the lilacs when winter is through

-- Chad Mitchell "Green Grow the Lilacs"


    Been obsessed lately with dainty little pearl hairclips. Too bad they just won't stay on my head, bummer :( (had to employ the help of le trusty ol' black hairpins to make them work).

    最近鍾情於這些韓風珍珠髮夾,無奈它們不鍾情於我,每每戴上都拼了老命地滑下來 :( (只好動用可靠的小黑夾拯救一下想跳樓的美麗髮夾們QQ)

Dress :  Oni by Oni Studio
Hairclip :  via Taobao (here)

Bises, et bonne année ! 

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  1. 不好意思~請問手拿的捧花是真花還是假花呢?最近也想買這種類型的捧花,不知道是否方便詢問在哪購買的呢?謝謝您~~


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